Carpet Cleaning Stain Removal Tips & Solutions for your North Las Vegas Nevada Home

When it comes to cleaning your carpets there are many aspects that need to be taken care of. The first thing is that you need to always do when it comes to taking care of carpets is vacuuming. This is what will take a lot of the dirt and debris away from the carpet fibers and can leave your carpet looking fresh and clean. Then there is the regular monthly professional cleaning to keep your carpets lasting long and looking good. This is a great way to get the carpets cleaned from the dirt that has gotten deeper in the fibers and the padding. When it comes to the last carpet cleaning option that all homeowners need to know about is spot and stain treatment. These are the moments that no one is ready for and no one wants to deal with. There are spills and stains can damage the carpet and leave them looking dirty and dingy.

Direct Carpet Cleaners has some tips and tricks that you can try between your professional cleaning that can help you keep stains cleaned.

Blot: Scrubbing a stain as soon as it happens is a big mistake that is made. You never want to use a cloth and start rubbing a spill. This will make the stain spread out and it will cause whatever is spilled to be pushed into the fibers and padding. The best way to start is to gently dab at the spot with a clean cloth. This will remove the excess moisture and keep it from pushing in deeper into the carpeting.
Club Soda: You should always have some club soda handy especially if you have people that live in your home that are prone to spilling. This process works the best against wine and beer. The club soda will bubble up and help to lift the remaining stain off the carpets. It gives you the opportunity to dab the color away.
Shaving Cream: This is another great option that you can try if you have a spill. The best way to try this is to add the shaving cream to the stain or spill and let it sit on the spot for about 20 minutes. Then take a white cloth and dab the rest of the shaving cream away. This will start to pull away almost any kind of stain.
Ice Cubes: This is what you need to use if you come across gum on your carpet. Use the piece of ice and let it sit on the gum. This will freeze the gum and make it hard enough to pull and get off the carpet fibers. You can use a spoon to help lift the frozen gum and you may need to cut a fiber or two to get the entire piece of gum off.
Heat: If you have spilled wax on your carpet it may seem that nothing is going to get rid of it. There is hope and that comes in the form or your iron. Take a brown paper sack and lay it over the wax area. Then use your iron on a high setting with no steam and rest it over the spot that has the paper sack and wax. This will pull the wax off the carpet and get it to stick to the paper bag instead.

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