Antique, Oriental, Persian, Wool & Synthetic Area Rug Cleaning

Area Rug Cleaning and Quality Rug Care

Area rugs are a wonderful addition to any room and Direct Carpet Cleaners understands the purpose and importance of your precious rugs. Exotic oriental and persian rugs, welcoming woolen rugs or the simplest synthetic area rugs can all help make a house or office look more appealing and inviting. The problem is that over time you’re left with a rug that looks and often smells bad.

Expert Area Rug Cleaning & Repair Services

Pet stains, spots and odors, pet hair and dander, dust, grime, spills and just regular wear and tear are all excellent reasons for having your rug professionally cleaned. Direct Carpet Cleaners specialize in getting rugs to look great again while maintaining their original vibrant colors and textures. Our technicians receive continuous training and will provide the very best cleaning process to protect the magnificence and value of your rugs. And we repair rugs too, on fringes or other areas of your rug that have been damaged.

Skilled Rug Cleaners

Contact Direct Carpet Cleaners for our rug cleaning and other quality cleaning and restoration services.

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