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Mattress Cleaning in Las Vegas, Henderson & Summerlin, NV

As we spend nearly 1/3 of our lifetime on our beds, we definitely shouldn’t neglect having them regularly cleaned! It is estimated that there are up to 2 million dust mites living in the average mattress! Direct Carpet Cleaners offers deep mattress cleaning methods which remove dust and dust mites, dead skin, pet dander, urine, blood, food stains as well as other unidentifiable soiling and stains!

Dirty Mattresses Harbor Allergens that Aggravate Asthma & Respiratory Diseases

Think your neglected bookshelves are dusty? It may surprise you to learn that mattresses have been found to harbor the highest volume of allergens of any area in your home. As we sleep, a large number of our dead skin cells fall from our bodies, sift through the sheets, and settle on the mattress. Microscopic arachnids called dust mites then feed off these skin cells, pet dander, and body oils. Dust mite feces and carcasses contribute to the allergens in your mattress. Even if you aren’t one of the 20% of people allergic to dust mites, the high number of allergens can also increase respiratory diseases, such as asthma, as well as contribute to skin conditions such as exzema or dermatitis.

Professional Mattress Cleaning Removes Harmful Contaminants

A professional mattress cleaning service from a experts like Direct Carpet Cleaners can remove these harmful and unwanted substances for your mattress with our unique cleaning solutions. Our mattress cleaning services are efficient, effective and will help to improve your home air quality without the use of harmful chemicals. We use only the purest mattress cleaning solutions and methods to give you a good night sleep.

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