Las Vegas Tile & Grout Cleaning

Tile & Grout Restoration

Tile and grout are often found in areas of your home that experience high foot traffic such as kitchens, and hallways. These areas tend to get dirty more quickly. Call Direct Carpet Cleaners to bring new life to your old tile floors, shower walls and counter tops? We are experts at removing the stains, mold and dirt buildup in your grout lines that simple mopping or even scrubbing on your hands and knees cannot remove! You could mop your tile floors every morning, noon and night, but eventually, they will become dingy, dull and tired looking. At some point, the porous nature of the tile and grout surfaces will allow dirty mop water, dirt and other undesirable substances to seep in and discolor the tile and grout.

Tile & Grout Cleaning Over Floor Replacement

Why go to the expense and inconvenience of having new tile and grout installed when you can call Direct Carpet Cleaners to clean and seal your tile and grout to leave it looking like new. With Direct Carpet Cleaners, you won’t need new flooring! Our trained professionals can make old tile and grout look like new again – all while preserving the craftsmanship of older tile floors, shower enclosures, counter tops and more.

Powerful, Truck Mounted Tile & Grout Cleaning Equipment

Direct Carpet Cleaners can now get your floors looking sparkling clean with our powerful truck-mounted cleaning process and floor tools. We can extract soil, dirt, grease, mold and other substances from the pores of your tile and grout surfaces. We blast away the years of contaminants from your tile floors!

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