Auto Upholstery Cleaning

auto upholsteryDid you know that the average person spends somewhere between eight to fifteen hours in their car per week? Because you spend so much time in your vehicle, you deserve a healthy and clean environment for you, your family, and other guest passengers. When you hire Direct Carpet Cleaners for your interior car cleaning, we come to you! We will come to your car at work or home to expertly steam clean your carpet and fabric car upholstery.

Our Expert Automotive Interior Cleaning Involves the Following Steps:

– Vacuum car carpet, floor mats and upholstery.
– Pre-treat stains to loosen dirt and debris
– Steam clean car carpets and floor mats
– Steam clean fabric car upholstery seats (or treat leather seats with leather cleaner/conditioner)
– Steam clean car trunk
Optional: Protect both carpet and fabric upholstery with a scotchgard fabric protector.

Automotive Steam Carpet Cleaning

Most of us in Las Vegas have our cars cleaned every week or two. This usually involves wash the outside, wiping down the inside and possibly even vacuuming the seats and rugs. Even though that is a step in the right direction, you are most likely overlooking all the ground in dirt, grime and bacteria in your car’s carpet and upholstery. Our vehicles contain just as much (if not more) soil and dirt as the heaviest trafficked carpet in our homes. Think about how many times we get into our vehicle, tracking in germs and dirt from Las Vegas city streets, parks and other areas. Most of us eat regularly in our cars – or at least on family road trips. Its easy to spill a few crumbs here or there that then get stomped on and ground it. Direct Carpet Cleaners recommend a professionally cleaning as often, if not more often than our home carpets and upholstery. We recommend every six months for dark upholstery and every three for light upholstery.

Auto Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Increases your Car’s Resale Value

Keeping the carpet clean in your car is important not only to make your passengers feel welcome and comfortable, but also to get the highest trade-in value when the time comes to sell it. Calling Direct Carpet Cleaners to steam clean your car carpet is the answer to keeping it looking new! Your local car wash does a quick job cleaning the outside of your car and wiping down the inside but that simply doesn’t compare to hiring Direct Carpet Cleaners to thoroughly clean your car carpets and upholstery. We expertly apply steam to your carpet and fabric upholstery and then extract all the dirt, stains, bacteria and contaminants out with our powerful truck-mounted extraction system.

Steam Cleaning Fabric Car Upholstery Seats

By calling Direct Carpet Cleaners to steam clean your vehicles carpets and fabric upholstery regularly as well as treating your auto upholstery with a fabric protector like scotchgard, you are ensuring a clean and safe environment for those who travel in your vehicle. Regular steam cleaning will help keep your cars interior looking like new, and fabric protection helps prevent future spills and stains from settling in before you can call Direct Carpet Cleaners for your next appointment to clean it.

Contact Direct Carpet Cleaners today to make your car interior look like new again.

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