Cleaning & Care of Las Vegas Nevada Vintage, Antique, Oriental, Persian & Synthetic Area Rugs

The latest trends coursing through modern homes are flooring primarily with wood or tile. In either case, area rugs are found routinely on these floors. Rugs are esthetically pleasing to the eye, provide comfort for our little ones and help bring a homey feel to our homes. Regardless of the reasons we find rugs in our homes, they are usually placed in high-traffic areas where not only dirt, mud and filth in general find their ways on the rugs but spills occur as well. Sometimes we are at a loss to getting those rugs looking like new again, or just looking stain free. Today we will touch on the cleaning and care for area rugs. Unkempt rugs look dingy and unwelcoming. Proper care in between deep cleaning is essential for keeping rugs looking amazing.

Direct Carpet Cleaners have prepared some basic tasks to follow when caring for your area rugs

Vacuum your area rugs routinely – As often as you would vacuum carpet, or sweep tiled or wood floors. Some vacuums have a rug setting which is recommended if your vacuum is equipped with this feature. Avoid vacuuming any fringe your rug has as vacuuming the fringe can ruin it and fray fringes. Vacuuming rugs will remove any top layer of dirt, keeping rugs cleaner, longer.
Brush out hair that may have compiled on your rug – Whether it be human hair on the bathroom rug, or pet hair on the living room area rug, the vacuum doesn’t always suck up hair. Brush your rugs in the direction of the nap, and throw away the clumps.
Rotate your rugs two or three times year. Continuous sun light can fade your rugs colors. High traffic areas can wear down the rug faster. By rotating your rugs both sides of the rug will equal out. Smaller rugs that are easy to handle should be taken outside and shaken well to remove a deeper layer of dirt and debris.

Direct Carpet Cleaners have prepared the following Specialty Oriental, Persian & Antique area rugs:

– Some rugs require special cleaning instructions, be sure to read the tag and follow the directions.
Fur or sheepskin rugs. Sprinkle talcum powder onto your rug. Brush the hair or fur thoroughly. Afterwards, take the rug outside and shake vigorously. If the hair is long, you may have to repeat the process until you feel your rug has achieved optimum level of clean.
Braided area rugs. Lay a blanket or some towels down on concrete or vinyl floor. (Blanket or towels should spread out a bit bigger than your rug.) Place rug on concrete or vinyl floor that can get wet. Using a carpet cleaning detergent, sponge generously onto the rug and rub it in. Rinse well. Place rug on dry blankets or towels until it is completely dry.
Handmade and antique rugs. Place nylon screen on top of your rug. Using your vacuum attachment, vacuum rug through the screen. If you are hesitant and uneasy cleaning your antique area rug, contact a professional to clean them for you at Direct Carpet Cleaners.

Direct Carpet Cleaners have prepared the following tips regarding deep cleaning your area rugs:

– A deep cleaning should be done on area rugs at least once a year, or more only if needed. Not a bad idea to include the deep cleaning in your spring clean endeavors. READ YOUR RUGS LABEL FIRST. If there are instructions on deep cleaning, follow them. If not follow our directions.
– When using commercial or even DYI cleaning products, always do a small patch test in the most inconspicuous spot possible. As long as it doesn’t compromise your fabric or colors it is safe to use for your deep cleaning.
– Lay your carpet on a surface that can get wet. Apply your favorite cleaning product and work it through your rug. If you have medium firm brush, using circular motions to brush the entire rug thoroughly.
– Rinse the rug with clear water until it is suds free.
– Let the rug dry completely.
– Vacuum your rug.
– If label says to dry clean, do not complete this list of instructions as it can ruin your rugs’ fabric. Best to hire a professional.

Professional Carpet & Rug Cleaning in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North Las Vegas & Henderson NV

If you have stubborn stains on your area rugs, or you simply can’t afford the time to deep clean your area rugs, trust them to specialist who knows the safest and the best equipment and detergents to use on your rugs at Direct Carpet Cleaners. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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