Carpet Cleaning Mistakes; Products, Application & Time in Las Vegas Nevada

No matter how cautious or meticulous you are, carpet stains are unavoidable. Either by someone else’s clumsiness or your own; the blunders are evidence of any home being occupied. Some know the exact method of getting any stain out, where most panic or freak out or even go crazy over spills and have no clue what the best course of action is. In this day and age, the internet in all its wisdom is at our fingertips. Through computers, laptops, notebooks, tablets, and smart phones, there is an answer to be found. Then again, during the high level of emotions, some jump blindly into the chaos and try to figure out on their own what must be done to get that carpet looking beautiful again.

Carpet Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

– First, don’t put off cleaning the stain. Take urgent action. Some accidents may happen at the worst time imaginable. You are in a hurry to get the kids to school, when bam, you spilled your coffee after tripping over that toy you told your child a million times to put away. You look in disbelief at the offending incident and think; I have to hurry out the door that mess can wait. No it can’t. Every moment that liquid is in contact with your carpet, the fibers are soaking it up and allowing it to seep further into the carpet. Not to mention, when some stains dry and set, nothing can help. It’s prudent to act fast.

– Another awful mistake is grabbing any cleaner from under the sink or laundry room and using it wildly. Some cleaners may contain bleach or are simply not safe for carpet fibers. Be sure to read the label before any application. If the label is vague do a quick search on your favorite search engine and get the facts. Know it before you spray it.

– During the frenzy you grab something that does say it is safe on carpet and removes stains. Sometimes carpets are unique, and don’t fall under that category. Don’t apply a cleaning product without testing it first. Be sure to do a patch test. If you really love that perfect hue, don’t frantically clean the stain in the middle of the floor. Instead apply a small amount in an unseen corner or under the couch to be sure that chemical used for carpet stain removal isn’t going to damage your carpet.

– Next to using the wrong cleaner, another common blunder is scrubbing a stain vigorously. Do not grab the cleaning brush or rag and attack the stain. It is best to grab a paper towel or newspaper and soak up the stain as best you can with mild pats. In line with that, do not rent a steam cleaner or use a wet vac. Often times the heat will cause the stain to set into the fibers, making the stain removal impossible.

– Another head shaking mistake is some think that carpet deodorizer will lift stains. I suppose one might assume if it lifts odor it will lift stains. No they do not. Carpet deodorizers simply remove odor that clings to carpet fiber. So once the stain has been properly removed, a carpet deodorizer may be applied for a fresh smell as opposed to a chemical smell.

– A notable mistake that happens too often is the perpetual weekly carpet cleaner. Yes carpet should be vacuumed daily, however weekly chemical scrubs is a big no. Too much treatment can breakdown the carpet fibers making it look old and faded much sooner.

– The last aberration we will mention is never hiring a professional to care for a cleaning carpet needs. Professional carpet cleaning is more affordable these days than you might perceive. A carpet cleaning professional knows exactly how to get rid of pet stains, children’s mishaps, or simply to get carpets looking fresh and sparkly for a big event.

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