Crazy Las Vegas Casino Carpet

The city of Las Vegas is home to many adventures that you can take part of while you are here. The Red Rock mountains, Lake Mead and of course the casinos. Las Vegas is home to some of the most amazing hotel and casinos that tourists and locals alike can enjoy. The lure is not just the gambling and shiny machines; the nightlife and the restaurants are a huge pull for many people. One thing that all the casinos have in common is the style of carpeting throughout.

Is Busy Patterned Carpeting Good for Gambling?

At the University of Nevada Las Vegas, a theory was put forth that heavily patterned carpeting is good for gambling. Some think that the reason for all the elaborate designs on the casino floor is to keep patrons looking up and at the machines that will hopefully entice them to spend more money. Some also think that it is so distracting and busy to help keep you awake and alert and therefore gambling for a longer period of time. Although these theories have not been proven, many people think there may be some truth to it!

What is Under Casino Carpet

What’s under the carpet is even crazier. Many casinos choose to recycle their carpets and have them reused. This does not mean that they rip it out and sell it to someone to put in their home. What some casinos do is remove the old carpet and have it sent to a plant to be repurposed into padding that will eventually go under the new carpeting that will be laid down on it. You can imagine the design of many types and colors of carpets patched together to make a padding; it is most likely a sight to see.

Recycling and Repurposing Carpet

An interesting fact about carpet is that it is not biodegradable and will pile up in landfills. The amount of carpet that comes out of one casino can be up to 1000 homes carpet. That is a lot of carpet in the landfill so when they recycle the carpet and repurpose it, it can save a lot of space and help keep the planet cleaner.

Professional Las Vegas Casino Carpet Cleaning

Casinos also have to have their carpets cleaned regularly and that is a very big job. Direct Carpet Cleaners knows all about big jobs. We have been cleaning carpets in Las Vegas for over fifteen years and know what it takes to clean all kinds of carpeting and rugs! Contact us today for a free estimate and consultation.

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