Do I Need Las Vegas Mattress Cleaning?

How often do you wash your sheets? Now, how often to your clean your mattress? Just like any cleaning that goes on in your home, you should also set up an appointment to have your mattress cleaned too. You may take your sheets off and say that your mattress doesn’t have any stains or discoloration, and even if it has some you are just going to put your sheets back on anyway right? Well this does not mean that the mattress is clean. Some of the contaminants and pollutants that are in mattresses won’t leave a stain like sweat. Did you realize that each night the average person sweats a half liter onto their mattress? If that’s not bad enough, people have skin that sheds off all day long and especially at night when rolling around on a mattress. Besides the sweat and skin cells, mattresses make a great space for dust mites to live and can also turn into a breeding ground for some types of bacteria.

Why do you Need to have your Mattress Cleaned?

If you have any type of sensitivity or allergies, a dirty mattress can be the cause of many flare ups. Dust mites can leave behind feces that when they are inhaled by someone can cause a respiratory reaction that can be bad news for many susceptible people. Another reason to have your mattress cleaned is the obvious reason, you probably just don’t want bugs in your bed! The bad thing about dust mites is that there is not a natural enemy to these tiny pests. That means once you have them they set up shop and start to reproduce pretty quickly. A single mattress can be home to over a million dust mites at any time. They have been known to be so abundant that the weight of the mattress is higher than the original weight.

Who Cleans Las Vegas Mattresses?

You can call Direct Carpet Cleaners! Our staff has specialized equipment and training in cleaning mattresses. Not only can this take care of the bacteria that may be growing and the thousands of dust mites present but it can also take care of any spills. If you have areas of your mattresses that are looking dingy or discolored, we can handle that as well. Call today to make your appointment for an inspection and estimate. Don’t sleep another night with a dirty mattress!

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