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The carpet in your home provides a great deal of comfort to you and your family, from a soft walking surface, a welcoming appearance and even a place to sit down on while enjoying a movie. Carpet is a wonderful addition to any home and can improve the look of any room. One type of carpet and rug that is becoming more popular is shag carpet.

How to Clean High Pile, Shag Carpet

Shag carpet has longer fiber lengths and feels much softer and thicker than the standard length carpet that is in most homes today. Shag carpet, just like other carpet styles, comes in a variety of colors, lengths and textures.
Carpet can also take quite a beating from the everyday activities that go on within your home. Just like other carpet, shag carpet requires a good cleaning on a regular basis. Shag carpet actually requires additional care and attention because it is longer and has the ability to trap more dirt, dust and grime than shorter lengths of carpet. Shag carpet and rugs are extremely comfortable on the feet, but they are also very successful at hiding spills and other types of stains. Regularly cleaning and inspecting your shag carpet and rugs will surely lengthen their life and improve their overall appearance.

Vaccuum Tips for High Pile Shag Carpet & Rugs

Shag carpet must be cared for a little bit differently than your standard carpet. Because the length of shag carpet is much longer than regular carpet, vacuuming must be done carefully and if your vacuum has the option to turn off the brush bar, then do so. If you vacuum over your shag carpet or rug with the brush bar on, it will pull out the long fibers of your shag carpet. Take extra care when vacuuming your shag carpet and rugs. Shag rugs are much easier to clean on your own than your wall to wall shag carpet. A shag rug can easily be taken outside and shaken, beaten and the dust and dirt will come off.

Professional Carpet, Rug & Sofa Cleaning in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North Las Vegas & Henderson Nevada

Wall to wall shag carpeting requires the service of a professional carpet cleaning company to get totally and completely cleaned properly. A professional carpet cleaning service has all of the required tools and experience that are required to clean your wall to wall carpet. If your shag carpet has never been cleaned, or it has been quite some time since you have had your carpets cleaned, contact Direct Carpet Cleaners today. Direct Carpet Cleaners will leave your carpet looking like new.

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