How to Prevent Dirty Carpets with Kids Back to School in Las Vegas Nevada; Helpful Cleaning Tips

You have finally made it through summer break and are now gearing up for a new school year. The start of the school year is a fun time when you get to go back on a schedule and then of course there are new shoes and backpacks. This also means that school sports are back on and so are the back and forth from one place to the next with the kids in tow. An average child has a busy schedule during the school year which means that they are probably coming and going more often than they did in the lazy days of summer. One of the many things that moms need to try and combat with the new school year is the amount of dirt that will be brought into the home and onto the carpets.

Direct Carpet Cleaners has come up with some ways to help keep the dirt out this year:

Organize Shoes: When the carpet is constantly dirty, it may feel as if your house is never really clean. Lots of kids will lay on this same dirty carpet to watch some TV or to study and do homework. This can actually affect your health and can cause you to become sick. One of the biggest trackers of dirt on the carpet is from shoes. They are outside at different locations including the school with hundreds of other students and walking on top of germs, dirt and debris. This same stuff is then brought into your home and left to fester on your carpets. When you walk through it or lay down on the carpet you are now coming in contact with the germs. The best way to eliminate it is to buy shoe organizer and have it somewhere that is easy to access as you walk in the door. Have each person remove their shoes before coming into the carpeted areas.
Rugs and Doormats: Sometimes it is not possible to have everyone remove their shoes before coming inside so you want to be sure to use rugs and doormats. Each person can use them to wipe the bottoms of their shoes off before coming in. This can remove the majority of the dirt and debris and stop it from entering your home. It is also easier to clean a door mat more often than having the entire carpeted area cleaned.
Vacuum: It is not a hard chore to run the vacuum across the carpets of your home. This can bring up a lot of the dirt that has been tracked in and remove it from the carpet. This will help keep the carpets cleaned in between your regularly scheduled professional cleanings.

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These tips are a great way to keep the carpet clean but it is always a good idea to start with them freshly cleaned by calling a professional. Direct Carpet Cleaners can come and have your carpets back to school ready. Call us today!

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