How to Remove Grass & Mud Stains from Carpet & Rugs in Las Vegas NV; Best Grass Stain Removal Tips

Whenever you have people that prefer the outdoors than residing in your home, chances are very high that some of that outdoor fun gets dragged onto your carpet. More often than not, the outdoor particulates then become stains adorning the carpet. Mud and especially grass stains can be quite cumbersome to lift out of carpet.

Direct Carpet Cleaners, would like to share a few tips on removing mud and grass stains off of carpet.

How to Remove Mud Stains from Carpet

1. Dried Mud is easier deal with. If there is fresh mud on your carpet, allow the mud to dry. If the mud is excessively wet, blot the moisture with a paper towel and then allow to dry. Only blot and do not rub or scrub, doing so will spread out the mud, and push it deeper in the fibers.
2. Once the mud is fully dry, vacuum the blemished area, slowly and meticulously to remove as much dirt as possible. You cannot vacuum too much. Go over and over again to ensure all the dirt has removed.
3. After you are satisfied all the dirt has been lifted, mix up some detergent. In a spray bottle or bucket, combine 1 tsp. mild dishwashing soap with 1 cup warm water.
4. Sponge the solution on the stain. Do not over saturate. Blot up the stain.
5. Switch out cloths until stain is lifted if necessary.
6. Spray cool clear water onto the area.
7. Using a dry towel, blot the area, and allow to air dry.

Grass Stain Removal from Carpet

Grass stains are pretty tricky to remove. The pigment is transferred onto the carpet. Because of the extra element chlorophyll that is found in grass, it has a tendency to bond quickly to other materials. As soon as possible, treat the stain. As with most stains, the longer it has to set in, the more difficult it is to remove.
1. Vacuum the stain with a hose and suctioning tool. Do not use the vacuum normally, as the rotating brush can push the stain deeper into the fibers.
2. Dilute the stain by blotting with a white cloth dampened in clean water. ( Do not rub or scrub.)
3. A cleaner with the PH level of 7 is ideal. Most dish washing soaps have a PH level of 7. Combine 1 cup of water with a 1/2 tsp of dish soap.
4. Sponge the mixture onto the stain and continue to blot the stain out.
5. Avoid using cleaners with ammonia or degreasers.
As mentioned before, grass stains can be very difficult to remove. More often than not, a professional is needed to get stubborn grass stain outs.

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