Is it Worth Getting your Summerlin Las Vegas Nevada Air Ducts Cleaned?

The health of the air in your home has a lot to do with what is in the air ducts. This is where the air is circulated and sent from one room to another and back to the cooling unit to be recirculated back into the room. The air ducts are a hidden series of metal tubing that runs through the attic space of your home. The problem is that when they get dirty there is no way to see it. Direct Carpet Cleaners suggests that you have your air ducts cleaned on a regular basis to ensure that you have the freshest air.

What is in your Air Ducts? Dirt, Dust, Pet Dander, Black Mold, Allergens & Pollutants?!

There are a lot of things that can start to build up in your air ducts. If you have ever changed out the air filter and seen the buildup that is on those then you probably have an idea about what is in the ducts. The filters are there to keep most of the dirt, dust and debris out of the ducts and out of your air system, but they can falter. The dirtier the filter gets, the more dirt and debris that gets through and starts to buildup in the duct work. This can include the dust that is brought in from outdoors and off dusty floors and furniture. If you have a pet this is a big part of what starts to buildup in the duct. The pet dander and fur floats through the air and will get sucked into the filters and eventually in the ducts. This means that same stuff is being sent back into your home and the air that you are breathing. The quality of air depends on filters being cleaned but also mostly on the cleanliness of the duct.

How is Air Duct Cleaning Done?

A professional air duct cleaning company like Direct Carpet Cleaners can come out and use equipment that is made to clean out ducts and look for any major buildup. We use high powered suction to remove the main amount of debris and have the ducts work clean and looking as good as new. Another great benefit to air duct cleaning is that is results in your air conditioning unit working more efficiently and cooling or heating your home much better.

Professional Air Duct Cleaning in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North Las Vegas & Henderson NV

If you are ready to have your duct cleaned out call Direct Carpet Cleaners for an estimate to have yours done today.

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