Is my Carpet Making me Sick in Las Vegas NV? Professional Steam Carpet Cleaning Removes Dust Mites, High Traffic Dirt, Pesticides & Allergens

The carpet in your home provides a certain level of comfort and luxury that you, your family and even your pets can enjoy. Carpet brings warmth and softness to every room, creating an inviting living space where anyone will feel comfortable. Carpet is a great surface to relax on, lie down and watch a movie or play board games with the kids. Babies love to crawl on carpet and pets like to snuggle in for the night on an area of carpet as well. The carpet in your home makes everyone feel welcome and content. While carpet is a wonderful flooring option, it must be properly cared for to avoid, stains, every day wear and tear and from harboring dangerous bacteria and mold.

Professional Steam Carpet Cleaning Removes Dust Mites, Dirt, Pesticides, Toxic Chemicals & Contaminants

If you fail to clean your carpet regularly, you are putting you and your family at risk of being exposed to some harmful materials. Carpet has the potential to carry a large quantity of dust mites, dirt, pesticides, and other toxins that are brought into your home from heavy foot traffic, pets and other sources. Carpet has the ability to hold eight times its weight in toxin filled trapped dirt that is well hidden deep within the carpets fibers.

Every time that you spray for bugs or use a fogger or have any other type of chemical being sprayed throughout your home, the chemicals wills settle into your carpet and remain there for years. Any time you paint a room or area in your home, any time you lay down a new type of flooring or do any type of remodeling, the dust and other materials from those projects will fall onto your carpet. Carpet is very efficient at holding these types of toxins for you to inhale long after the work has been completed.

Vacuuming Helps Clean Carpets by Removing Pet Dander, Dirt & Dust

One effective chore to get into the habit of is regular vacuuming. Vacuum your home every day; this will help to remove pet dander, dirt, dust and any other materials that are brought in from shoes and heavy foot traffic. When you vacuum every day, you significantly reduce the amount of toxins that your carpet is collecting.

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For the cleanest possible carpet, have your carpets cleaned professionally at least twice a year. Contact Direct Carpet Cleaners to clean your floors and remove any and all harmful toxins that could potentially make you and your family sick. Direct Carpet Cleaners will leave you with carpet that is completely clean and looks like new.

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