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The window treatments, curtains and drapes in your home contribute to the décor of a room, provide a certain amount of privacy and control the amount of sunlight you prefer coming into your home. Window treatments come in a variety of sizes, colors and textures, ranging in material from basic cotton to intricate lace patterns. Your drapes and curtains also collect a great deal of dust; probably more than you realize. They are not usually the first item you put on your cleaning chore list. Drapes and curtains are often over looked when it comes to weekly cleaning tasks around the house.

Drapery Can High Dust & Pet Dander Levels!

The fact is that there are millions of dust particles floating around and your drapes and curtains are an excellent place for those particles to settle down. If you have pets and children then your drapes and curtains can also take a hit from pet hair, pet dander, children wiping their hands on the drapes like they were a towel as well as other spills and accidents. Keeping drapes and curtains clean in a busy household can be challenging, and it is important to care for your drapes and curtains properly so you do not cause more damage during the cleaning process.

Dusting Curtains & Drapes While Hanging

One simple step you can take when cleaning your drapes and curtains is to lightly shake them at the end of each day. This will shake off any excess dust and prevent it from settling into the fibers. If dust and dirt is allowed to accumulate on the surface of your drapes, it will become more difficult to remove. You can also vacuum your drapes, but this requires a vacuum with a low suction setting, or you will end up pulling your curtains or drapes down and right into your vacuum. You may even end up tearing the fabric, so be cautious if you decide to vacuum them.

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Washing your curtains and drapes in the washing machine is a great way to get them clean; it is also a great way to ruin them! You must read the manufacturers label before washing your curtains or drapes. Some fabrics are much more delicate than others and require a hand wash or very little cleaner. The best way to clean your drapes and curtains is to have them cleaned professionally. Not only will they be cleaned properly with the correct cleaner, the appropriate equipment and with a great deal of care, but they will look like new and improve the look of any home. Contact Direct Carpet Cleaners today for the best drapery cleaning available.

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