Antique Persian & Oriental Wool, Cotton & Silk Area Rug Care Cleaning Solutions in Summerlin Las Vegas Nevada

Your Persian or Oriental rug is probably one of your most favorite pieces of décor that can add a burst of color, an additional level of comfort and a feeling of softness to any room. Just like wall to wall carpeting, Persian and Oriental rugs can take quite a beating from every day wear and tear. Heavy foot traffic, family pets and small children can make your rug quickly become damaged, worn down and dull. Sometimes it doesn’t matter if you use the most expensive vacuum to clean your rug, put it in an area that doesn’t receive any foot traffic or other precautions to keep it safe, it manages to find a way to be abused.

Direct Sunlight Persian & Oriental Rug Damage

There are a handful of steps you can take to ensure that your Persian or Oriental rug stays looking its absolute best. One of the most common types of damages that a rug is exposed to is regular sunlight. Whether your rug is in the living room sitting under large bay windows or in your den soaking in rays from a sun window, the fibers in your Persian or Oriental rug are slowly becoming faded from the ever powerful and relentless rays of sunlight that are glaring into your home. While natural light is a great way to brighten any room, be sure to protect your rug by placing it in an area that does not receive direct sunlight.

Rotating Persian & Oriental Rugs

If you have to have your rug in an area that does receive a great deal of sunlight, then you must be sure to rotate your rug regularly so that it fades at an even cycle. If you fail to rotate your Persian or Oriental rug, then the colors in one area will be much lighter and faded than the other areas of your rug. One great way to remember to rotate your rug is to do it every time the seasons change. Another reason for rotating your rug is to even out the amount of foot traffic that every area of your Persian or Oriental rug receives. This will lessen the wear down of just one area and equally distribute the amount of foot traffic your rug gets throughout the day.

Vacuuming Oriental & Persian Rugs

Vacuuming your Persian or Oriental rug is extremely important to keep layers of dust, dirt and grime from building up on its surface. While vacuuming everyday may seem like a task that you do not have time for, the results will render a clean and long lasting rug that is free from dust.

Professional Antique Persian, Oriental Wool, Cotton & Silk Area Rug Cleaning & Protection in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North Las Vegas & Henderson Nevada

Take the time to properly care for your Persian or Oriental rug so you can enjoy its beauty for as long as possible. The best way to care for your rug is to have it regularly cleaned by a professional. Contact Direct Carpet Cleaners today to get your Persian or Oriental rug looking like new.

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