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Have you ever stopped to consider what has been compiling in your air ducts? Probably not; out of side out of mind. But your air ducts circulate the air throughout your home that you breathe. If you have indoor pets, you have to consider the dander, fur or hair. If you have smokers that smoke inside your home, think of that … as well as daily dust, pollens and even the fact that pests often run through the duct work, leaving various particles. Add to that, any other small particulates that are airborne floating around your home and you start to see the need for professional air duct cleaning. Every 3-5 years, it i recommended a professional thoroughly cleans up the buildup.

Direct Carpet Cleaners would like to tell you just some of the benefits to having the air ducts cleaned.

1. Breathing quality air. Especially for allergy or asthmatic sufferers, breathing quality air is essential. Having the air ducts cleaned can improve the air you breath and help alleviate frequent asthma attacks as well as ease allergy outbreaks.
2. Efficiency. Just as your air filters need frequent cleaning to help the HVAC system, cleaning the air duct from the stray filth lingering within, will help your units work proficiently. Clogged ducts could result in moving parts working harder to deliver the proper temperatures in the home. This causes unneeded wear and tear, making not only your appropriate air temperature difficult to maintain, but making the equipment fall short and expire before its time or costly repairs. Your unit isn’t the only suffering, your utility bills also show the extra work the HVAC is doing, contributing to higher payments.
3. Mold deterrent. If your home ever has a mold outbreak, getting the ducts cleaned immediately following the mold removal, will help prevent future mold from spreading. Spores are easily transferred into the air ducts, ensuring a good cleaning can help deter the mold.
4. Prevent odors. Getting the air ducts cleaned can help odors caused from smoke, mold or mildew, or other such pungent odors from circulating through your home.

Professional Air Duct Cleaning

As mentioned before, it is recommended to get your air ducts leaned every 3-5 years, here are clues if you need frequent or even immediate air duct cleaning.
– Indoor pets, especially those that have multiple furry family members.
– Moving into a pre-owned home.
– After any elemental damage, such as fire or smoke, flooding or mold.
– 1 or more home occupants smoke indoors.
– Any evidence of vermin taking root in your home, and particularly the air ducts.
– 1 or more folks living in the home have severe asthma attacks or allergies.

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