How to Remove Red Wine Stains from your Las Vegas NV Carpets; Call Direct Carpet Cleaners for Professional Carpet Cleaning Services!

When you are winding down from a long day or you have a guest over you might enjoy some red wine. Everything is going fine until your glass is knocked off the table and the red wine is spilled on the carpet. There are not many spills that cause panic more than a red wine stain. The pigment in the wine will start to soak into the carpet fibers immediately and will begin to set in. If this happens to you, then you need to know what it takes to remove the stain quickly.

Direct Carpet Cleaners has several methods you can employ to remove red wine stains from your carpets.

Start with Blotting the Stain: No matter what the stain is you need to start with blotting the spot. This is the best first step to take in order to remove all the excess liquid from the carpet. Make sure you use a wash cloth or a paper towel to push down on the spill. You never want to use a back and forth motion to rub the stain in. Rubbing it will only cause the stain to push further out and get larger. The main point of blotting is to remove the excess liquid. This can also make the spill look lighter as well.
Red Wine Carpet Stain Removal – Method One: If you want to remove a red wine stain from your carpets and you have already blotted the spot well, you can try the white wine and baking soda method. It may sound counterproductive to put more wine on the spot but this will work as the agent that breaks down the red color. Go back over the stain and blot the area again. Then you can use baking soda with water to make a paste to cover the red wine spot. Let the baking soda paste sit on the spot for 10 minutes. After the allotted time, use a spoon or cloth to pick up the excess powder. Then take the vacuum to the area to remove any excess powder that you couldn’t pick up by hand.
Red Wine Carpet Stain Removal – Method Two: If you still need to try another method to break up and remove the red wine stain you can try the salt trick. Once you have fully blotted the area you can use table salt to put over the spot. Allow the salt to sit on the stain for about 10 minutes. After it has set and it looks like it is becoming pink in color you can remove it by vacuuming it up. This is a great way to remove the color and spill by soaking as much up as possible.
Red Wine Carpet Stain Removal – Method Three: This is the best option and we understand that some people want to try do it yourself methods first, but calling a professional carpet cleaner is the best way to be sure that the red wine is removed from your carpet. A professional has the proper equipment to remove the stain and clean the rest of the carpet too!

If you are in need of emergency carpet cleaning for a red wine stain or any other reason, give Direct Carpet Cleaners in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North Las Vegas & Henderson Nevada a call today to schedule your next appointment.

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