Best Carpet Types & Styles to Clean; Loop Pile & Cut Pile (Textured Plush, Saxony, Frieze & Cable)

Home owners have a wide variety to choose from when deciding what type of carpet to install into their home. The number of carpet choices available can easily overwhelm any home owner and send them into a dizzy spell when trying to select the right carpet for their home. Carpet is available in all types of colors, patterns and textures. Knowing what you are looking for, what purpose the carpet will most likely serve, what room you will install the carpet in and even what color the walls in that room are will all help to determine what carpet is best for you.

Cut Pile vs Loop Pile Carpet

There are two major types of carpet that are manufactured today, those are cut pile and loop pile. Each construction offers a wide variety of styles to choose from. Carpet that is cut pile gets its durability through the fiber that is used, the density of the tufts, and the twist of the yarn that is used. Within the cut pile carpet there are four general styles to choose from. These styles include textured plush, Saxony, frieze and cable.

Textured Plush Carpet

Textured plush carpet has a smooth and even finish, providing a more formal look. Textured plush is popular in formal living rooms, home offices and formal dining rooms.

Saxony Carpet

Saxony carpet has a smooth and even finish, but the fibers are longer than a textured plush carpet. Saxony is actually the most popular style on the market right now, although it does have a tendency to show foot prints and other marks more than other carpets.

Frieze Carpet

Frieze carpet features long fibers with more twists, so the resulting texture is very informal. Frieze carpet hides foot prints well and other marks as well. Frieze carpet is not recommended for high traffic areas. In longer fibers this carpet is commonly referred to as shag carpet.

Cable Carpet

Cable carpet is made from thicker and longer fibers to provide a more comfortable feel to the carpet when it is walked on.

Professional Carpet Cleaning in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North Las Vegas & Henderson NV

While these are all excellent choices for carpet, you must decide which is best for the area that you are installing it into your home. The quality of the carpet you install into your home will determine how long it lasts and how well it endures through high traffic areas and spills. Carpet quality is determined by a variety of factors, including fiber type, fiber construction, weight, density and twist. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the many choices of carpet to choose from, contact Direct Carpet Cleaners for the best carpet cleaning service available. No matter what type of carpet you have installed in your home, we will keep it looking like new!

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