If it’s too Late to Prevent Carpet Dents from Furniture in Las Vegas Nevada, we’ll Show you How to get Rid of them!

You are finally ready to move your furniture around and make some changes. A change is such a fun way to play with a room and give it some new light and ambience. Once you start to move the large pieces around you will notice that there are large dents where the furniture pieces were sitting. These can be unsightly and can make the room seem a little messy. You may be wondering what you can do to eliminate these dents and of there are any remedies.

Direct Carpet Cleaners has some solutions that you can try to get rid of carpet dents caused by furniture.

Ice Cubes: Ice is one of the ways you can possibly get rid of the dent. The one thing that you can start with is to take some ice cubes and place them on the dented area of carpet. After you place the ice cubes on the space, allow them to melt for a few hours. When it has melted you can take a sponge and remove the excess water. You can use a fork to lift up the fibers of the carpet.
Steam: If the ice has not removed the dent, you can go with a steam treatment. Start with a clean cloth and lay it over the affected area. You can use your iron on the steam setting and use the steam on the area. Then you can remove the cloth and use a fork to lift up the fibers.
Wet Towel and Iron: You have tried the steam and ice to no avail. You can set the iron on a medium heat and lay a cloth on the dented carpet. The cloth needs to be damp when you lay it on the area. Then you can lay the iron on the cloth for about one minute at a time. After you have ironed the area you should leave the damp cloth on the area unit it has dried completely. Then use a vacuum suction to pull up the fibers. You can use an attachment to get a suction that is stronger.
Blow Dryer: The last choice if all else fails is to use your standard blow dryer. Get a squirt bottle and spray the area with a small amount of water. Then you can use the heat of the blow dryer over the area. This is an especially good technique if you have wool or nylon fiber carpeting.

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When all else fails you can look into having a professional come out and take look at the area and see if there is anything they can do to help. Direct Carpet Cleaners are standing by!

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