Carpet Cleaning; Fun and Frightening Facts

Keeping your carpets clean is just a way of life. Is something gets spilled, you run quickly to grab a rag and some type of cleaner to clean it up. Most people want to keep their carpet clean since that is one of the first and most noticeable things that people see when they walk through your door. Hiring someone to professionally clean your carpets can take away unsightly stains and discolorations. There are some really fun and amazing facts that are a good conversation starter and some that will help you quickly decide to hire someone to clean your carpets!
The Flu – The virus that causes the flu is called Norovirus. Did you know that the Norovirus can live on your carpet for over a month if left un-cleaned. If you or anyone in your house has had the stomach flu it may be a good idea to have the carpets cleaned professionally when they are feeling better. This can keep the illness from spreading to the next person.
Bed Bugs – Bed bugs are not just in beds. They can actually live comfortably in the fibers of your carpet. Bed bugs are pretty fast for their size and will travel up to 100 feet to get a host to feed off. A bed bug will feed on the blood of a host for about 10 minutes. It may seem like a long time but most people never see them at work. They notice the bites after they wake up in the morning.
Plastic or Wool – There are many carpets that are made from an artificial plastic fiber, but others are made from a wool that is knotted. The wool carpet can be a great home for some types of beetles. These beetles can digest the wool into sugar which means they can feed on the wool all day eating a delicious meal.
Cleaning – Did you know that the minimum amount of time between having your carpets cleaned professionally is 12 months. If you are waiting an entire year you could have accumulated a lot of critters and dirt that you are laying on and walking around. Talk to a professional carpet cleaner to make a plan on how often would be best to have your carpets cleaned.
Candle Wax Removal – One of the very hardest things to get off of your carpet is candle wax. A good trick to try and remove it yourself is to take a brown paper bag and place it over the spill then use a hot iron over the top. It should pull the wax off the carpet and stick to the brown bag instead.
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