Dog and Cat: Pet Friendly Flooring

The American dream includes a home, family and a dog. There is a huge population of families and homes that enjoy some kind of pet. A survey done in 2014 shows that 68 percent of all homes in the US have some type of pet. That includes dogs, cats and even exotic animals. Most people consider their pet as part of their family and take them into consideration when making decisions. One thing that you can now take into account when thinking of your pet is the flooring that you choose. Some floors fare better and some don’t. Not any type of floor is perfect for a pet, but there are some good and bad points about each to consider when making a choice. Direct Carpet Cleaners have prepared the following quick guide.

Safe and Comfortable Carpet

Carpet is a great choice when it comes to comfort. It is also a good choice when it comes to safety. Some of the negative factors about carpet is that it is harder to maintain. If there is a mishap it is harder to remove the stain. Another point to consider is allergies. The carpet will keep the hair and dander in place and will need to be vacuumed more often especially for homes where people have allergies or asthma.

Easy to Clean Hardwood Floors

Hardwood Floors are another great choice. They are not as comfortable for pets to lay and run on, but they are one of the best for cleanup. The problem can be that the floors can be scratched by the pet walking and running around. This can mean that the floors will not last as long or that they will need to be refinished prematurely.

Easy to Clean Ceramic Tile

Ceramic Tile is another choice that could be good for pets. This is another easy clean up option. If there is a spill or mess it can be cleaned easily if picked up quickly. The downfall to ceramic floors is that they can be slippery and can cause injury to a dog or cat that may be running through the kitchen.

Scratch Resistant Laminate

Laminate is a great choice for pets because you can get the look of hardwood or tile for cheaper but with the added bonus that laminate is scratch resistant. It can withstand the little nail marks from your pet. The comfort for a pet is less but nothing that a good doggy bed can’t handle.
If you do go with carpet and need professional carpet cleaning (including immediate assistance cleaning up any stains and odors left behind by your pets) or expert tile cleaning, call Direct Carpet Cleaners today to set up an appointment.

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