Cleaning Handmade Antique Persian & Oriental Fine Area Rugs in Summerlin Las Vegas NV

Persian and Oriental rugs provide a high level of comfort and adornment to any home. Most home owners purchase a Persian rug because of it’s beauty and color that go well with the other décor inside of their home. Persian rugs are a great way to add depth to any room while providing softness to feet and acting as a protector to the floor underneath. Persian and Oriental rugs can fall victim to spills and stains just like any other type of flooring. Whether your antique rug is sitting in an area that receives heavy foot traffic, or under an area that is used to eat, your rugs can become stained, darkened or faded depending on its location. Persian and Oriental rugs can be kept clean if the appropriate steps and procedures are taken.

Carpet Spill & Stain Prevention

Being prepared for a spill is the best way to prevent a stain from occurring. If you store your cleaning products in a closet or laundry room, set aside the appropriate materials needed to clean up a spill that has happened. This will mean that you are always prepared whenever a spill occurs and you will be able to act quickly. When you treat a spill immediately after it occurs, you lessen the chance of the spill sinking deeply into your Persian and Oriental rug fibers, leaving a hideous stain behind. Always be prepared to clean the unexpected spill.

Spot Test Before Cleaning

One mistake that home owners often make when cleaning their Persian or Oriental rug is that they do not test an area on the rug before cleaning up a spill or stain. It is so important to perform a spot test on a small area of the carpet, so you can be sure that the materials you are using are safe for your rug and will not ruin the color or pattern in any way. When home owners fail to perform a small test cleaning, they often times end up leaving gigantic bleached spots on their rug, which cannot be repaired and will leave your rug looking worse than it did with just a small spill on it. Always test the cleaning materials you are using before attending to the spill.

Professional Oriental & Persian Rug Cleaning in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North Las Vegas & Henderson Nevada

The best possible way to get out any spill or stain from your Persian or Oriental rug is to contact a professional carpet and rug cleaner. When you call in a professional to clean your rug, you do not have to worry about using the wrong type of cleaner or causing damage to your rug. You will not have to spend money on new cleaning materials or carpet cleaning kits to get your rug looking like new. If your Persian or Oriental rug is in need of a good and proper cleaning, contact Direct Carpet Cleaners today.

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