How to Get Old & New Chewing Gum Stains out of Carpet & Upholstery in Las Vegas & Henderson NV

This is the time of year that seems to bring home lots of treats. The kids go trick or treating and come home with mounds of treats and lots of them are gum or very sticky. They also go to school and have parties where goodies are given out and shared. These treats seem to make it home and there are oftentimes that they end up on your carpet or couch. Whether you are talking about gum, toffee, gummy bears, or any other chewy treat, fortunately there are ways to get them out. When you first come upon one of these sticky messes you may think the only way to get it out is to get the scissors out and cut away. If this is the method you choose you are bound to have bald spots that over time will fray and get larger as time goes on. This is a way to do it but you will also need to spend some money to have the carpet repaired or replaced after.

Direct Carpet Cleaners has a few better options that may get those sticky spots out of your carpets and upholstery this holiday season.


Remove Carpet & Sofa Stains Quickly

The best tactic is to make sure that you are working quickly. The longer the gum or sticky candy sits on the carpet or upholstery the harder it is going to be to remove. The stickiness will adhere to the fibers and get ground in the more that people walk across it. If you see a sticky candy or gum on the carpet do not panic and try this out. These options use items that you will already have laying around the house so you can start right away!

Removing Carpet & Couch Gum Stains with Ice

The first thing you need to do it head to the freezer. Ice is going to play a big part in removing the sticky stain. Get a handful of ice cubes from the freezer and place them in a zip lock bag. Take the ice bag you made and place it right on top of the spot. This will act as a way to freeze the candy or gum and harden it so that it is easier to remove.

Scrape Candy & Gum Stains from Carpet

The next step is to get an object from the kitchen that you can use to scrap away the spot. This can be anything from a butter knife to a plastic lid. Whatever you have should do the job. Take the item after you are sure that it is frozen well and start to scrape off the spot from the carpet or upholstery. This method should free the entire area of sticky candy or gum. At the end of this step, it is a good idea to run the vacuum over it to get any loose pieces that are still lingering around.

Clean & Rinse the Carpet or Upholstery Stain

After this you want to use a rag with warm water and soap to dab at the area to help remove any color that may be left over from the sticky mess. You can dab at the spot until it looks clean. Then take a second rag that you will use to soak up any leftover soap and water and get the area as dry as possible.

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