Cleaning & Pressure Washing Exterior Dirt, Rust & Stains from Stucco Houses & Commercial Buildings in Summerlin, Las Vegas, NV

Siding, brick and stone are all popular ways to decorate and protect the exterior of your home. If you own a home in Las Vegas, you are probably already familiar with stucco and its many benefits which include:
Durable and Long-lasting: Stucco is renowned for its ability to withstand hot and cold temperatures, will outlast vinyl and wood and is extremely durable.
Literally Maintenance free: Stucco is practically maintenance free and only requires a professional soft pressure washing to keep the finish looking clean and new.
Fire Resistant: Not only is stucco extremely durable, it is also fire resistant.

Power Washing Stucco; Process & Benefits

Stucco has a textured finish that although resilient will allow dirt, dust and other debris to stick to the surface. Stucco can be pressured washed at home; but it is an arduous process that is best left to the professionals to ensure that the surface of your stucco is properly cleaned without the risk of damage. Your Direct Carpet Cleaners professional pressure washing technician will gently blast away any build up that has accumulated on your stucco exterior along with preserving the finish so you can enjoy the exterior of your home for many years to come.

Preparing for your Soft Washing with a Pressure Washer

Our qualified pressure washing technicians will inspect the exterior of your home to ensure that there are no chips or cracks in the stucco finish before beginning the pressure washing process. Cracks in the finish of the stucco will allow water to seep into the surface and damage the wall. Any cracks or chips will need to filled and allowed to dry sufficiently before your pressure washing service can be scheduled.

Correct Technique for Soft Washing Exterior Stucco Walls

To ensure your stucco is properly cleaned, our knowledgeable technicians will divide the wall into sections. The first step is to rinse the wall with a specially formulated detergent in small sections. Once the detergent has been applied and the section pressure washed, our technicians will move to the next area. Our highly skilled staff will use the appropriate water flow and customized equipment to ensure that the stucco is thoroughly clean and all traces of stains are removed.

How to Clean Rust & Stains from Stucco

For areas that are heavily stained, your Direct Carpet Cleaners pressure washing technician will use a specially designed rotating scrub brush to remove built up dirt and grime before washing away all traces of dirt. For rust, we will scrub the area by hand to ensure that it is properly removed.

Final Soft Wash Pressure Cleaning Rinse

For the final rinse, your technician will utilize a low pressure spray tip set at a 45 degree angle to ensure soft water distribution. Stucco finish can be damaged without a soft to moderate spray pressure and if the water pressure is too great, the texture will crumble. Stucco should also be pressure washed at least 24 inches away from the wall to prevent excessive water force. Your technician will start by rinsing off the detergent residue from top to bottom, completely remove all traces of soap and debris.

Soft Wash Residential Pressure Cleaning & Commercial Power Washing in Las Vegas Valley, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson, Nevada

For more information regarding pressure washing your Las Vegas, Henderson or North Las Vegas Nevada home or business contact the knowledgeable pressure washing experts at Direct Carpet Cleaners today.

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