DIY VS Professional Siding, Stucco, Wood Decks, Concrete Pathway & Driveway Cleaning Pressure Washing in Las Vegas, NV

With the growing awareness of how well pressure cleaning, or power washing as some come to reference to it, cleans a variety exterior surfaces for homes and business. Pressure cleaning can remove tough dirt and mud buildup, mold, grease, oil, pollen and other allergens, as well as outdoor pollutants. With the clean, crisp, and fresh results of pressure cleaning it’s a no wonder that so many utilize it. The downside is that too many folks are attempting the do it yourself pressure cleaning projects, with too many issues going awry.

Direct Carpet Cleaners Would Like to Warn You About the Consequences of Trying to Conduct Your Own Pressure Cleaning

1. Too Much Pressure. A common mistake the untrained person makes while making the effort to pressure clean is using too much pressure. When too much pressure is applied to surfaces, wood decks will be riddled with strip carvings, or etch lines in the siding, and even chunks of concrete are blown out making the drive way look like Swiss cheese. Direct Carpet Cleaners has been masterfully trained and experienced to use the proper pressure settings on the appropriate surfaces.
2. Potential Mold Growth. Various surface materials require specific ratios of detergent to water formulas to remove the layers of filth to adequately clean, sanitize, and deodorize. In most cases, the DIY enthusiast uses straight water, spreading the mold spores and creating the extra moisture for mold spores to grow and multiply. This mistake leads to costly mold damages and mold removal costs. The professionals of Direct Carpet Cleaners have been taught and reinforced to use sufficient detergents, including the efficient ratio to make them more effective.
3. Waste of Time and Money on Inferior Quality Pressure Washers. Not following proper protocol and procedure to pressure cleaning often results in wasted time trying to perform the task, as well as wasted money in renting the equipment and buying cleaners. Understanding the right order in pressure cleaning tasks per the desired cleaned surfaces is part of our Direct Carpet Cleaners pressure cleaning experience.

Benefits to Hiring Direct Carpet Cleaners for Professional Exterior Cleaning Power Washing

1. Truly Clean Exterior Surfaces. Pressure cleaning removes the mildew, algae, bacteria, mold, dirt allergens and pollutants from the exterior surfaces. The odors often attached to the filth are eliminated as well. With night and differences, the pressure cleaning reveals a remarkably clean appearance to increase curb appeal, health, and luster of your home or business.
2. Extend the Lifespan of Surface Materials. Concrete, wood, bricks, vinyl, glass, and other building materials can be marred with stains and corrosive components that ruin and deteriorate surfaces. With professional pressure cleaning these surfaces are better maintained and cared for to increase the longevity and avoid common repairs.

Pressure Cleaning & Power Washing in Las Vegas Valley, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson, Nevada

Direct Carpet Cleaners can pressure wash a wide range of exterior surfaces for both commercial residential customers. With our thorough and efficient services, your home or business will be the cleanest on the block. Call us today to schedule your pressure cleaning service!

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