Cleaning & Removing Pet Dog Feces & Vomit Stains, Odors & Parvo Virus from Carpet, Rugs & Sofa Upholstery in Summerlin, Las Vegas, NV

Fall has begun and this is the time we become more aware of illnesses. We run out and get our flu shots in the hope we stop a virus from slowing down our lives. However be aware that not only is this the time for the flu and colds to affect us, it’s also the time of year our canine friends are threatened as well. With the colder season coming in, Parvo strengthens and our pets can become dreadfully ill. When dogs become ill with Parvo, they begin to vomit and have uncontrollable diarrhea. That leaves stains all over your home and carpets. Direct Carpet Cleaners will help you disinfect and clean those unfortunate stains brought on by your beloved sick pet.

How to Disinfect Parvo Virus at Home

First it’s more important to disinfect the soiled area, than to remove the stain. As your companion recovers at your local pet care facility, you will need to begin to prepare your home for their return. Parvo is extremely contagious, and is spread through dog feces and some believe their saliva as well. So those diarrhea and vomit spots are a highly infected area. If left unchecked your dog can get the Parvo virus all over again. It is wise to concentrate on the affected areas but the entire house and yard needs to be disinfected as well. Hardwood floors and tile flooring can be cleaned with bleach. However that isn’t the case for carpets. Getting Parvo out of carpet can be difficult. The carpet fibers absorb the virus, so just scrubbing it won’t always do the trick. You need to extract the virus completely from the carpet.

DIY VS Professional Parvo Virus Removal & Hot Water Extraction Steam Carpet Cleaning

To remove the virus, you will need to have your carpets steam cleaned using hot water and use a carpet stain remover. The whole carpet will need to be soaked, especially the soiled areas and allow it to set for a few minutes. Then a steamer will need to remove the stain. You can try to do this yourself using commercial grade pet cleaners in a pressure sprayer with a pet-safe disinfectant labeled as approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to kill the parvo virus. You will have to follow the disinfectant manufacturer’s instructions closely to determine the proper amount of disinfectant to use. Keep in mind some disinfectants need to be diluted with water. After you have sprayed the wet carpet thoroughly with the disinfectant, making sure to thoroughly saturate the carpet through to the padding, you will have to leave the disinfectant on the carpet for a minimum of 10 minutes or as otherwise directed. The next step is filling the steamer you bought or rented at the store with the disinfectant (depending on the brand it may need to be diluted or undiluted. See the directions to know which) and then steam clean your carpets. You will have to make sure to go over the entire area to make sure the entire virus has been killed. It is also recommended to rewash carpets with just hot water again. The biggest problem to this DIY approach is that the equipment available to you isn’t very powerful and simply cannot extract all of the water and cleaning solution you just laid down. This can lead to not removing all traces of the parvo virus and possible mold issues too. Direct Carpet Cleaners has powerful, truck mounted hot water extraction systems to remove virtually all the liquid and moisture and achieve a much deeper clean!

Carpet Cleaning, Pet Stain, Odor & Parvo Virus Removal in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North Las Vegas & Henderson Nevada

This may seem like a lot of cleaning but your beloved pet deserves nothing less. It can be rather painful to watch your pet struggle for life as he or she fights for life. Parvo is a serious virus that can claim our pet’s life. Parvo is known to live 6 months in carpets and a year in concrete and dirt. Direct Carpet Cleaners wishes your pet a speedy recovery should Parvo attack. Please make sure all areas are bleached and cleaned appropriately. If you don’t have the know how, time or ability, know that we can assist. Call us to help remove the parvo virus from your floors and upholstery!

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