Hire a Professional Auto and Boat Upholstery Cleaner

Keeping the inside of your car clean and tidy can be a challenge, especially if you are responsible for shuttling around children from one place to another. Your cars upholstery can be even more challenging to keep clean as it falls victim to all types of spills, stains and other accidents. Fast food is probably the biggest offender of upholstery stains and grease marks. Spilled soda, smashed fries and other sticky food can do a great deal of damage to your car’s upholstery. The longer you go without having your car’s upholstery properly cleaned, the dirtier it will get, as the existing stains and spills will act as a magnet to other dirt, dust and grime.

Auto Upholstery Maintenance

There are a few simple steps you can take to keep your upholstery in good shape and looking like new. Clean your car out completely, removing all garbage, crumbs and other items that just do not belong in your vehicle. One important item that you can add to your vehicle is a garbage bin. No vehicles interior should be without a proper trash bin. There are some excellent products that are made specifically for this purpose. However, even a used grocery bag will get the job done effectively. This will give a place to put all wrappers, and other garbage, rather than leaving it on the floor of your vehicle or cramming it between seats.

No Food or Drink Rule in Car

One sure step that will keep your cars upholstery clean is to stop drinking and eating inside of your vehicle. Soda stains are extremely difficult to remove and even after a thorough scrubbing, usually end up leaving some type of mark on your upholstery. Banning all food from the car may be a difficult step for some to take, but it will lengthen the life of clean upholstery and your car will look and feel much cleaner without food in it. A regularly scheduled vacuum job for your car will also assist in keeping it in tip top condition. Keeping all garbage, clutter and crumbs from your vehicle will leave it looking clean and new.

Professional Car Upholstery Stain Removal

If you do have an unsightly stain on the upholstery of your boat or car, you can try removing it yourself, but take caution when doing this. Many cleaners can be harmful to your car or boat’s upholstery and can actually remove layers of finish from the upholstery. Be sure to test any type of stain remover before applying directly to your upholstery. For the best possible upholstery cleaning and stain removal, call in a professional to get the job done. Direct Carpet Cleaners will leave the upholstery in your car and boat looking like new. Call us today!

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