DIY vs Professional Carpet Cleaning

Many home owners take the task of keeping their carpets clean upon themselves when it comes to deciding whether or not to hire a professional carpet cleaning company or to do it themselves. There are a handful of do it yourself carpet cleaning tips floating around, however, some may have a negative effect on your carpet and make it become even more vulnerable to stains, dirt and other grime that is tracked in from the outdoors. While doing the job yourself may save you money in the beginning, you may be left spending more money in the end due to the additional stains that are left behind, due to the do it yourself method that was a disappointment.

DIY Carpet Cleaning with Detergent and Water

One of the most common mistakes people make while cleaning their carpet is using detergent and water. This method leaves your carpet looking fantastic right when you are finished, however, after a few weeks, your carpet may look even dirtier than it did before you cleaned it. Many homeowners find themselves scratching their heads, thinking how can this be possible? If you clean your carpets with detergent and are unable to rinse every bit of the detergent out, then more dirt and grime will get stuck into your carpet because detergent attracts dirt and grease and grime. This is the number one reason why do it yourself carpet cleaning tends to leave your carpet dirtier than it was to begin with.

DIY Carpet Cleaning Stays Damp Longer

Another negative of cleaning your carpets on your own is the length of time your carpet stays damp. A professional can have your carpets dry within twenty four hours. Doing it yourself will take much longer without the proper equipment and know how. Damp carpet has a handful of negative effects. Your home can begin to feel sticky and humid due to the dampness of the carpet, and even the carpet itself can begin to feel a bit sticky. There are also some health risks to having damp carpet for a longer amount of time, especially for those who have pets or young children in the home.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Solution

The most effective and efficient way to clean your carpets is to hire a professional carpet cleaner to come in and take care of the job. By hiring a professional you are immediately saving any of the time and frustration you would have exerted by doing it yourself. A professional has all of the most up to date efficient equipment and experience. Your carpet will be taken care of properly, leaving it looking like new and avoiding the potential of any new stains that a do it yourself job leaves behind. Contact Direct Carpet Cleaners for the best carpet cleaning service available.

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