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A professional drapery cleaning is designed to get the dust and debris out of your curtains and drapery; quickly and efficiently! At Direct Carpet Cleaners, we understand that your drapery is an important design feature that completes the rooms in your home with a final layer of elegance and beauty. Good quality drapery can bring a certain style to a room by providing the perfect amount of natural lighting to enhance your interior décor. Unfortunately, drapes can also attract household dust and grime and can cause allergies and respiratory ailments in members of the family who may be particularly vulnerable.

The expert drapery cleaning specialists at Direct Carpet Cleaners have prepared the following tips for cleaning drapery and removing unwanted dust and debris.

First, check your drapery for care tags and labels. Since most fine drapes are custom made, they typically don’t have a care label and it is always prudent to contact your Direct Carpet Cleaners drapery cleaning specialists for a professional clean. Since most fine drapes are dry clean only, washing them or attempting to clean your drapery yourself may result in shrinking and damage that cannot be reversed. Your Direct Carpet Cleaners drapery specialist recommends a light vacuuming between professional cleaning appointments.

Never wash your drapery if:

• They are not labeled as washable or you can find no visible care labels
• The fabric in your drapery is damaged
• Your drapery does not appear to be colorfast as the colors might bleed together
• The drapery tag indicates that your drapery is dry clean only.
For your quality drapery that needs an expert touch, contact the experts at Direct Carpet Cleaners. Our experienced and knowledgeable drapery cleaning specialists will professionally clean your drapery to preserve its beauty and further we guarantee your drapes are clean and fresh after each customized cleaning application.
For drapery that is machine washable, the professionals at Direct Carpet Cleaners recommend the following:
• Vacuuming with a hand-held vacuum
• Lint roller
• Clean sponge or cloth
• Upholstery cleaning agent
• Hand-held steamer

Best Way to Vacuum Drapes

Firstly, vacuum every surface of your drapes with a hand-held vacuum to remove as much dust as possible, pay special attention to the folds where dust has a particular tendency to build up. If your drapery has a label that indicates that it is machine washable, wash according to the instructions and dry on low heat. Air drying is recommended for some drapery instead of tumble drying so make sure you read the cleaning instructions carefully.

Hand Washing Drapery

For hand washing your drapery, use an upholstery cleaning agent applied with a damp sponge. Always spot test to ensure there is no chance of color fading or possible damage to delicate fabric. If the fabric needs to be hand washed with soap and water, spot test first. Let the test area dry completely before washing the entire drape. The knowledgeable drapery cleaning technicians at Direct Carpet Cleaners recommend steaming your drapery after the hand washing process and allow airflow to dry it completely before finishing off with a final vacuum to remove any leftover dust particles.

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