Professional Fall Weather Season Carpet Cleaning Service in Las Vegas NV

Fall has arrived and with it the enjoyable events we look forward to, like the changing color of leaves, cooler temperatures, and sipping on warm drinks. It is the time of year to begin thinking about family visits, entertaining dinner parties and other holiday festivities. One item of business that usually does not occupy our minds this time of year is the cleanliness of our carpet. We are all familiar with the term spring cleaning, but it is also important to take on a list of fall cleaning chores. Your carpet will take a greater hit this time of year as you and your family brings in more dirt, moisture and debris from outside. These materials can damage your carpet if you do not take the proper steps to keep it clean.

Vacuum Daily

Getting in to the habit of keeping your carpet clean will ensure that your home stays clean and comfortable this holiday season. One of the most important steps you can take to lengthen the life of the carpet in your home is to vacuum every day. This is most important in high foot traffic areas, like the hallway, bedrooms and living room. Vacuuming these areas of your home every day will assist in removing dust, dirt and debris from off of your carpet.

Clean Spills on Carpet Right Away

One of the most popular activities to enjoy this time of year is sipping on a warm beverage, whether it is a hot chocolate with a giant dollop of whipped cream on top or a hot caramel apple cider; warm drinks help to keep us warm inside. Because warm beverages are more common this time of year, there is a higher possibility for spills to occur. If you or a loved one accidentally has a drink spill, tend to it as fast as you can to avoid the liquid from seeping into the fibers of your carpet. Cleaning up a spill immediately after it occurs will ensure that a permanent stain is not left behind.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Maintenance & Stain Removal Service in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North Las Vegas & Henderson Nevada

Keeping your carpet clean requires regular professional maintenance. Having your carpets cleaned at least every six to eight months is a great way to keep it in good shape and keep your home looking tidy and welcoming. If you are going to be hosting a holiday party this season, or having family stay from out of town, now is a great time to call in a professional carpet cleaner to get your floors looking like new. Contact Desert Carpet today to get your carpet ready for the holiday season and your home looking clean and festive.

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