How to Clean & Remove Burnt Food Smells, Fire & Cigarette Smoke Odors From Carpet, Sofa Upholstery Couches

Smoke odors vary. There is cigarette smoke, which is very distinctive and pungent. There is also smoke that has originating from a recent culinary experiment gone wrong in the kitchen. Then there is the unfortunate smoke smell residue left behind from fire damage. All of these general smoke odors are unpleasant, and in some cases difficult to lift out.

Direct Carpet Cleaners would like to offer methods on removing the smoke odor from your carpet and upholstery.


Tobacco & Cigarette Smoke Removal & Remediation

Equipment and supplies needed:
– Enough baking soda to cover the carpet or fabric upholstery you are treating
– Dry Lavender (optional)
– Home vacuum cleaner
1. Using baking soda on carpet and fabrics is general safe, however, if you want to be safe, conduct a patch test in an inconspicuous area to ensure the integrity and color of your carpet fibers.
2. Sprinkle a generous amount around the entire area.
3. Mixing the lavender in the baking soda before sprinkling will add an additional aroma and freshness.
4. Now it’s time to exercise patience, the baking soda needs to sit in place for a minimum of 5 hours, but over night is optimal. For severe cases allowing it to sit over the course of the weekend might be more useful and you can plan a weekend escape.
5. After the allotted time, now you will want to vacuum thoroughly. For the corners and sidelines, be sure to utilize the vacuum hose attachments to remove all baking soda particles.
6. Repeat as necessary.
7. If odors persists, recruit the big guns, and hire a professional to help.

Burnt Food Smoke Removal

Supplies and equipment:
– Baking soda (Be sure to have plenty to cover the carpets needing treatment.)
– Dry Lavender (optional)
– Home vacuum cleaner
– Distilled white vinegar ( You will need several bowls.)
– Vanilla extract (also optional)
1. For this procedure, you will complete the first 5 steps in correspondence with the Tobacco Smoke Removal.
2. After you have finished the initial treatment, place a few bowls of white vinegar around the room if odor hasn’t quite vanquished from the carpet. To help avoid the stench of vinegar, add several drops of vanilla extract. Allow the vinegar to absorb the odors for 3-5 days.
3. If the pungency persists, contact the professionals.

Fire Damage Smoke Removal

Smoke odors instilled in your carpet after a fire can be very difficult to remove. The best way to remove these odors is by either replacing the carpet, or hiring a professional. Home remedies and commercial products do not have the required strength to lift out the smoke smell.

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