Spring Carpet Cleaning Tips & Checklist for Your Las Vegas NV Home; Avoid Permanent Stains & Lengthen the Life of Your Carpet

Preparing yourself to take on a hefty spring cleaning chore list can seem overwhelming, especially when you begin to think about the areas of your home that have not been cleaned in quite some time. One of the most trampled on areas of your home that deserves more love than others is your carpet. Think of all of the activities, guests and meals you have had over the holidays and now that the holidays are over, your carpet is left feeling exhausted, worn down and dirty. Clean carpet is a must when it comes to a spring cleaning list, but taking this job on by yourself is the biggest mistake you can make. Hire Direct Carpet Cleaners to clean your carpets and leave them looking like new.

Avoid Permanent Carpet Stains by Vacuuming Regularly

In between professional cleanings for your carpet, it is important to vacuum your floors daily. The foot traffic that comes in and out of your home every day comes with it a great deal of dirt, dust and other materials that will settle on the surface of your carpet. If these materials are left to linger, they will slowly begin to seep deeply into the fibers of your carpet. This can cause permanent stains on your carpet and other damage as well. The best way to avoid this is by vacuuming every day. Take the short amount of time out of your day to vacuum and remove all of the dirt and dust that entered into your home. Direct Carpet Cleaners will make sure that your carpets last much longer by taking care of them and cleaning them thoroughly.

Avoid Harsh Scrubbing When a Spill Occurs

Accidents happen all of the time, and your carpet is often times a victim of spills, splats and stains. Homeowners often make the mistake of vigorously scrubbing a spill right after it occurs. This will only do more damage to your carpet and spread a small stain into a very large stain. When you scrub a spill, you are literally scrubbing it into the fibers of your carpet. The best way to take care of a spill is to gently blot the material that has been spilled, then clean it with the appropriate cleanser that is safe to use on the surface of your carpet. Direct Carpet Cleaners will remove any stain that has settled into your carpet.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Will Lengthen the Life of Your Carpet

The best way to properly care for the carpet in your home is to have it cleaned by a professional at least twice a year. When you hire Direct Carpet Cleaners to clean the carpet in your home, any stains will be removed, your carpet will retain its bright clean color and you will not have to worry about dangerous bacteria or materials that can cause respiratory issues lingering within the fibers of your carpet.

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