Is your Carpet Going Bald? Pet Dogs & Cats Scratching & Carpet Beetles Could Be Causing the Damage to your Fibers in Summerlin Las Vegas NV

Most homes have a large area that is carpeted. When you buy a home, some people choose to add new carpet so that it is something they like and some are good with the carpet that is already there. Either way the carpet has to be taken care of and cleaned on a regular basis. Carpets are inviting and comfortable and most people love to have them in their bedrooms and living spaces. Just like any other item in your home the carpet can age and wear; and can actually start to go bald! This is when the fibers on the carpet are being eaten away and leaving an open spot that you can see the underlying netting or padding. What is the reason for these small bald spots and what can you do about it?

Direct Carpet Cleaners has prepared a list of reasons your carpet could be balding and how they can be repaired.

Pets Scratching & Damaging Carpet: One of the biggest reasons that you might see a bald spot in the carpet is from pets. No the pets are not eating the fibers and slowing chewing them away, but they are one reason your carpet could be going bald. If you start to notice a bald spot near a door that is sometimes closed it could be from a dog or cat that is scratching at the spot. They may want to be let out when no one is home and because of their anxiety might dig thinking they can get out. The best way to not have this happen is to be sure that your pet is not locked in a room that has carpet or not locked away at all.
Carpet Beetles Eating your Carpets: This is another reason that you might start to notice a bald spot in your carpet. A carpet beetle can live in any home and not just ones that are messy or dirty. They feed on the fibers of the carpet and over time will eat away and at the fibers enough that you will notice a spot. They will lay their eggs under a piece of furniture that is dark and has a small amount of moisture. After they lay their eggs the larvae come out and leave a small casing that looks a little bit like small pieces of wood. The best way to be sure that you are not being infested by carpet beetles is to have your carpets cleaned professionally on a regular basis. A professional carpet cleaner can use their high powered suction to remove the beetles that may have gotten down into the carpet fibers.

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