Keeping Drapes Clean; Professional Drapery Cleaning in Las Vegas NV

There are many areas of the home that get overlooked when it comes to proper cleaning and maintenance. Vacuuming, dusting and laundry are typical household chores that are accomplished on a regular basis, however, there are other items that get totally overlooked or forgotten. One of the most common overlooked household chores is the proper cleaning of drapes. Drapery provides excellent d├ęcor to any home, blocking sunlight out and providing shade, or allowing natural light in and providing a certain level of warmth depending on the time of year.

How Often Should you Clean Drapes While Hanging

Most home owners believe that their drapes should rarely be cleaned, however draperies need frequent care and cleaning because they will in fact attract dust and dirt as they hang over your windows. It is necessary to clean your drapes on a regular basis to keep them looking their best and in the best condition possible. Some drapes are made with more delicate materials than others, so there is not one standard way to properly clean drapes. Some require a more specific type of cleaning, while others can simply be thrown into the washing machine.

Dusting & Cleaning Drapes

When you are writing out your Saturday chore list, add regular drape dusting to your housework to keep your draperies cleaner and ensure they last longer. When you dust your drapes on a regular basis, you will be able to remove dust and soil that accumulates over the surface of the drapes fabric that eventually leads to permanent damage. When dusting your drapes, brush down lightly with a fabric brush or you can even vacuum the drapes with a brush attachment with your vacuum cleaner. Keeping the dust and dirt that enters into your home off of your drapes will help them last longer and look like new.

Professional Drapery Cleaning & Stain Removal in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

Sometimes drapes will fall victim to a spill or smudge, this can happen from a pet, or if you have children in your home, then dirty hands may often get wiped on your drapes. Chocolate, grease and other items are commonly smeared onto the surface of drapes, leaving an unsightly spot hanging there. Rather than taking your drapes down entirely, you may want to try spot cleaning the area that has been dirtied. Spot cleaning solutions can be purchased over the counter, but make sure you test them before use, or you could permanently damage your drapes. For the best and cleanest drapes, contact Direct Carpet Cleaners. Direct Carpet Cleaners specializes in the proper cleaning of draperies and will leave yours looking like new.

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