Las Vegas Professional Tile Cleaning Vs DIY

Is the prospect of cleaning your tile and grout making you turn tile and run? If you are like most Las Vegas home and business owners, the thought of deep cleaning your tile and grout is a daunting prospect. You have probably gotten used to spending hours on your knees scrubbing and perspiring to no avail or worse yet, unknowingly causing significant damage. Why even attempt to DIY when you can call tile cleaning professionals? Direct Carpet Cleaners, a family owned and operated company has been servicing home and business owners in the Las Vegas area since 2000. We are licensed, insured and certified in all areas of cleaning and restoration. Contact Direct Carpet Cleaners today for a free estimate on your tile and grout cleaning needs.
Here are just some of the advantages to a Direct Carpet Cleaners professional tile and grout cleaning
• Keep your tile and grout areas professionally clean isn’t just about keeping them looking visually attractive, it can also extend the life of your tile as well.
• Cleaning tile and grout yourself can be messy, time consuming and aggravating. Deep down dirt and grime can weaken even the sturdiest tile. A Direct Carpet Cleaners technician will ensure your tiled areas are thoroughly cleaned. Even though you think you are deep cleaning yourself, odds are you are not getting your tile as clean as it could and should be with a professional clean.
• By putting a priority on keeping your tile and grout clean, you are maintaining the appearance and value of your home. The experienced staff at Direct Carpet Cleaners is proficient in cleaning and restoration. Take advantage of our professional cleaning services and allow us to improve the overall quality and increase the equity in your home or business.
• When you DIY clean your tile and grout, you’re probably using basic store brought cleaning materials such as sponges, brushes and domestic cleaning products. Direct Carpet Cleaners uses the latest and most technologically advanced equipment and professional cleaning supplies available to ensure superior cleaning results each and every time.
• There is a correct and incorrect way to clean tile and grout. Certain products can only be used on specific types of materials. Bleach can discolor your tiles. Some household cleaners can even permanently discolor or dissolve natural tiles. Even cleaning grouting can be a huge undertaking! Some grouting has an alkaline base; if you clean with an acid base such as vinegar, the vinegar can seep into the grouting and destroy it. Don’t stress out trying to DIY! Our experienced professionals at Direct Carpet Cleaners know how to tackle even the toughest stains, safely and effectively without damaging your walls and floors.
• Once your tiles and grout are bright and squeaky clean ask our experienced technicians at Direct Carpet Cleaners about our maintenance plans. We can clean your tile and grout regularly, and you will never have to worry about drab, dingy embarrassing floors or walls ever again.
Don’t wait! Contact Direct Carpet Cleaners today and schedule an appointment with a skilled Direct Carpet Cleaners professional. Sit back and relax and let us do the work for you!

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