Tips for Sofa, Couch and Upholstery Steam Cleaning

Clean furniture is a reflection on the remainder of a home’s cleanliness. However, keeping furniture clean can become a difficult task for homeowners that have a big family, pets or small children running around. Food spills, pets pawing or shedding and dirty hands are all contributors to dirty furniture upholstery. Hiring a professional carpet cleaning service to take care of your upholstery maintenance is essential in keeping your furniture looking new and clean. No matter how careful you are or what rules you establish to keep your upholstery clean, accidents will eventually happen. If you are able to avoid any serious spills, there is still the everyday wear and tear of dirt and dust buildup.

Dust: Furniture’s Number One Enemy

Dust is actually the number one enemy of upholstered furniture. Gritty dirt blows through open doors and windows and latches itself on to your furniture cushions, arms and back. If you never dusted your tables, think of how much dust and dirt would accumulate on the surface alone. It would be quite a significant amount of dust buildup. Now think about that same about of dust just piling up on your upholstered furniture. It’s not often on our minds due to the fact that we cannot see it as easily as we see the dust that sits on our tables.

Unclean Sofas: A Source of Bacteria and Germs

Upholstered furniture that is not cleaned regularly can become a source of bacteria and germs. This can produce a foul smell to emit form your furniture and that foul smell can eventually flow through your entire home. It is necessary to clean your upholstered furniture regularly to avoid foul smelling furniture that can be a home for germs and bacteria. Just because you cannot see the dirt and grime on your furniture does not mean that it is not there. Today furniture is upholstered with busy patterns and colors that make it difficult to notice any stains or soil marks.

Custom Sofa Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstered furniture requires special cleaning materials and each piece may differ from another. Not all treatments are universal for upholstery cleaning. Hiring a professional to come in a clean your upholstered furniture is your best option for clean and new looking furniture that is free from odors, dust, dirt, germs and bacteria. Store bought solutions rarely produce the result you desire and leave you unsatisfied with the final outcome. Direct Carpet Cleaners will clean your upholstered furniture with the most effective methods that will leave your furniture looking vibrant and new. You will not be disappointed with the outcome and your furniture will look new and clean, giving the inside of your home a facelift and provide an inviting environment. Contact Direct Carpet Cleaners today for excellent service and quality upholstery cleaning service.

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