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Keeping a home clean takes a great deal of time and dedication to ensure that every area of the home is being adequately taken care of. Often times there are some parts of a home that get forgotten when a chore list is being made and checked off. Things like the kitchen floor and bathroom tub are usually priorities on most homeowners cleaning lists, however some items get completely overlooked, leaving your home insufficiently cleaned. One of the most common items in a home that gets overlooked when it comes to a good cleaning is the drapes.

Benefits of Drapes

Drapery and curtains are a great addition to any home; they add beauty and depth to any room they hang in. The variety of drapes varies in color, length and style, making it fun for home owners to decorate and add a splash of color to the room. Drapes provide a great amount of shade and can even help keep a room cooler. Drapes can assist in keeping energy bills at a low by keeping direct sunlight form warming up a room too much. Drapes are also a great source of privacy from neighbors or potential intruders from peeking in at your belongings.

Dust Settles on Curtains and Drapery

Curtains and drapes are usually very filthy, mostly because they often act as a barrier between outside and inside. When your windows are open, the curtains absorb moisture that will attract dirt and other soil from the outside. When your windows are closed there are cracks and drafts that air and other tiny particles can fit through and cling to your drapes or curtains. Curtains and drapes are also common places that dust from ceiling fans and air vents will settle. Every time you dust and vacuum your home, dust particle are forced into the air and they also will settle on your draperies.

Professional Drapery Cleaning

Dusting on a regular basis will help reduce some of the amounts of dust and dirt that settle onto your curtains. If you washed your drapes every week, they would eventually be ruined form the harsh effects of your washing machine. The best possible way to get your drapes completely clean is to hire a professional. Direct Carpet Cleaners will clean your drapes and leave them looking new and fresh, free from dust, dirt and other harmful allergens. Avoid spending time and energy cleaning your drapes and contact Direct Carpet Cleaners for the best drape cleaning service available. Your home will look clean and your drapes will smell fresh.

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