Carpet Cleaning Tips and Solutions

Keeping carpet clean can seem like a never ending task that involves constant surveillance on spills, accidents and foot traffic. Carpet is a great addition to any home that provides a level of comfort, softness and an area to relax. Carpet can contribute to the décor of a home with its endless options of colors, textures and patterns. Carpet is a great investment and with the proper care and maintenance you will be able to keep it looking new and extend its life. Proper carpet care is essential to its longevity, and the wrong methods of cleaning carpet can have a very negative effect on its life expectancy.

Carpet Vacuuming Tips

One of the first and most important steps to take in keeping your carpet clean is regularly vacuuming your floors. Vacuuming regularly will assist in picking up all dirt, dust and loose grime that would settle into your carpet, cutting the fibers and eventually cause dark stains or dull looking areas. If dirt, dust or grime get wet then the stains are more difficult to remove from your carpet. Vacuuming daily will help to avoid these unwanted stains and dirty areas on your carpet. Investing in a reliable and high rated vacuum will result in longer lasting carpet.

Carpet Spills and Stains

Spills and accidents happen all of the time, especially in a home where small children and pets reside. Grape juice spills, spaghetti sauce, bubble gum and accidents from your pets will leave a variety of stains and smells sinking into your carpet. It is always important to treat any spill immediately to prevent it from soaking into your carpet’s fibers and leaving a stain behind. The longer a spill or accident sits on your carpet, the more difficult it will be to remove the stain. When spills or accidents occur, act quickly to get them cleaned up.

Treating Heavy Traffic Carpet Areas

Heavy traffic areas are very difficult to keep clean and many homeowners have found that regular cleaning from a professional to these specific areas will assist in keeping heavy foot traffic areas looking clean and bright. Some home owners put down a traffic rug to protect their carpet from the dirt, dust and grime that is tracked in from outside. A rug is sometimes much easier to keep clean that a strip of installed carpet. If there is an area in your home that is in need of a good thorough carpet cleaning, contact Direct Carpet Cleaners. Direct Carpet Cleaners will leave your carpet looking as new as the day it was installed. Give your home a renewed look of freshness by having your carpets cleaned by Direct Carpet Cleaners today!.

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