Pet Stains on Carpet Keep Coming Back! How to Remove Recurring Brown Carpet Stain Wicking & Soiling Spots in Las Vegas, NV

If you see a carpet stain your first instinct is to quickly go over to the spot and start cleaning it up! That is a great instinct since that is your best chance to remove the stain all the way. The problem is if you notice that same spot on the carpet has suddenly reappeared. This can be an extremely frustrating situation and you may feel like you are dealing with an episode of Deja vu! You are not having a replay on the day when the spill occurred, you are suffering from carpet stain recurring. There are a few main issues that can cause this to happen. If you don’t want recurring carpet stains, you can do some things to help stop it!

Direct Carpet Cleaners Explains What Causes Recurring Carpet Stains & How to Remove & Prevent Them

Carpet Stain Wicking: One of the reasons that your carpet stain can come back is from a process that is called wicking. When something is spilled in the carpet, usually a cleaning process occurs. You may have a cleaning product and a rag that you use to clean up the spot. That is great but the problem with wicking is that when the stain has already gotten so deep in the carpet that is has soaked the backing and into the padding. You may think that the stain is gone but after a few days it has reappeared. If the carpet gets wet it is sure to drag that same stain back to the top. You will need to clean that spot again and hope that it comes out.
Carpet Soiling: The other reason that a spot may reappear is from a process that is called soiling. This happens often when a person tries to clean the stain themselves with a subpar cleaning product. The stain may be cleaned up but the residue is left behind. The residue is usually sticky and when that happens dirt is attracted to the spot and will stick to it. The dirt will make the stain reappear and show back up. You are now dealing with soiling which can be hard to clean off.
How to Prevent a Carpet Stain from Recurring: There are some things that you can do to try and stop carpet stains from reappearing. One way is to make sure that any spills that happen to fall on the carpet are taken care of as soon as possible. The stain has the best chance of being removed completely the faster the stain is treated. You want to be sure that you also use good cleaning supplies and equipment when working on your carpet. You need to be able to remove not only the stain but the leftover reside from cheap cleaning products. Another tip is to set a clean cloth on the spot and stack some heavy items on top to help pull the moisture up to the top and out of the carpet. The last thing is to use a professional carpet cleaning company to treat the stains as well as clean the carpets fully on a regular basis.

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