Tips on Cleaning & Removing High-Traffic Stains From Carpet in Las Vegas NV

Every home has a continuous walked on path, getting from one end of the home to the other. The stain develops over time. It’s not a fresh spill that is easily cleaned right away. It festers and a lot of times it’s when you decide to move the couch over there, and the chair here, and coffee table hither; that’s when it indeed will show the path. Dingy dark spots screaming at you loud and clear next to the will preserved section that has been hiding under the furniture. But what to do? Especially if you don’t have the option of a home carpet cleaner machine? Besides giving Direct Carpet Cleaners a call to remove that stubborn pathway of dirt and filth build up, we would like to offer a few at home solutions for the do it yourself folks. Remember to always conduct a patch test in an inconspicuous area of any store bought or home mixed detergents to ensure the carpet fibers or color is not compromised during cleaning.

Method #1 – Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning Supplies:
– Dry cleaning kit
– Vacuum
Note: The dry cleaning method is well suited for those who don’t like to deal with a watery mess. However, some detergent particles can be stubborn to remove initially. Always read the label along with any warning disclaimers, especially if you have children or pets.
Dry Cleaning Method:
– Vacuum the carpet extremely well and repeat.
– Apply dry cleaning detergent according to manufacturer’s directions. Start on the edges and work your way inward.
– Clean the carpet and work in the chemicals according to the label.
– Vacuum the detergent thoroughly and repeat.
– Use the vacuum attachments if needed.

Method #2 – Foam Cleaning

Foam Cleaning Supplies:
– Vacuum
– Foam Carpet Cleaner
Note: This method is also relatively easy. Water is optional depending on your cleaner of choice. Remember, if any residue resides on the carpet after completion, dirt will be drawn to settling on it so make sure all residue is thoroughly removed upon completion.
Foam Cleaning Method
– Vacuum the carpet exceptionally well and repeat.
– When selecting the foam cleaner, be sure to consider the one safest on pets and children if needed, and be sure to obtain the foam designed for high traffic stains.
– Follow the instructions on the label and apply to the edges working your way in.
– Clean the carpet according to directions.
– To rinse, soak a towel in clean, cool water, and ring out till it is damp. Gently massage the residue clean and repeat if necessary.
– Pat dry with another clean, dry towel. Allow the carpet to air dry before walking on it.
– Once thoroughly dried, vacuum thoroughly, and repeat.

Method #3 – Shampoo by Hand

Hand Shampooing Supplies:
– Spray Bottle
– Laundry Detergent
– Water
– Nail Brush
– Clean Towels
Note: This method is more thorough and longer lasting, but it requires a little bit more time, patience and elbow grease.
Shampoo by Hand Method
– Vacuum thoroughly and repeat.
– Pour a small amount of laundry detergent in your spray bottle and the remainder with water. Shake well to mix the solution efficiently.
– Mist the stained path, do not soak.
– Using a nail brush, or a medium bristle brush and scrub the stain. Scrubbing to vigorously can wear on the fibers, so do not apply too much pressure. Clean the outer edges of the stain an work inward.
– Using a clean dry towel, blot out the moisture.
– To rinse the area, dampen a towel in clear, cool water, and gently sop up the remaining residue.
– Again, using a clean, dry towel, blot the area dry and then allow the remaining dampness to air dry before traffic resumes.
– Vacuum well to relax fibers.

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Some area could be extremely stubborn, calling upon a professional might be the best solution. Direct Carpet Cleaners can ensure you get the best care and cleaning treatment, using state of the art machines and high quality detergents, your carpet will look fresh and clean. Contact us to schedule your appointment today!

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