Tips on Removing Juice Stains from Carpet & Sofa Couches in Las Vegas NV; Call the Carpet Cleaning Technicians at Direct Carpet Cleaners!

Accidents happen on a daily basis, and if you have little children in your home, accidental spills are just part of life. Juice is one of the more common spills among the little versions of you running around, but even adults can have a case of the butter fingers. Cleaning up after juice spills can vary from easy to tough, depending on what surface and what color juice has tarnished it. Carpet stains can always present a challenge with all the variables, and sometimes it needs the care and expertise of a professional.

But for stains that can be lifted without a fuss, it is a good idea to try to remove the stain yourself. Direct Carpet Cleaners would like to relate a few tips and advice on trying to remove juice stains on your own.

Juice stains are tricky to remove. The longer they sit, the tougher it is to remove as the dye from the juice sets into the carpet fibers. Always tend to the stain immediately.
– Use white paper towels and rags when treating the stain as you don’t want to transfer any print or color from them onto the stained carpet.
– Always blot up stains. Rubbing and scrubbing can just spread out the stain and push it deeper into the carpet. For better containment, always work from the outside towards the center.
– No matter if you use commercial carpet cleaning products or home remedies, be sure to conduct a patch test in an inconspicuous area of your carpet. This ensures the carpet fibers integrity or shade is not compromised during stain removal.
– Know what kind of materials were used in manufacturing your carpet. Different kinds of carpet require different methods. If ever in doubt, contact a professional.
– Never use hot water directly with a stain, as this can influence the stain from setting in.

Juice Stain Removal Carpet Cleaning Steps

1. Begin blotting the excess fluid from carpet. Sop up as much as possible using a plain, white paper towel. If paper towels are unavailable, you can use a clean, white cotton cloth, but know the stain will transfer to the cloth so use one you don’t mind sacrificing.
2. Dilute the carpet stain. Using a spray bottle, squirt warm water onto the stain. Do not soak your carpet, just spray your water until it is damp.
3. Blot carpet stain again. Using your paper towel, place it directly on top of the stain, and firmly press down with your hand, and lift it up. This blotting motion is adequate to lift up the moisture. Repeat until stain is lifted.
4. Prepare carpet cleaning solution. If the stain requires more vigor, prepare your cleaning solution. Combine 1/4 tsp mild, non bleach detergent such as liquid dish soap into a liter of warm water. Be sure it is mixed together thoroughly.
5. Apply cleanser to carpet. Sponge your mixture onto the stain. Be sure not to over wet the area. Lie a dampened cloth onto the stain.
6. Massage the carpet stain. With the treated cloth lying on top of the blemished area, blot the stain using the back of a spoon, to gently massage the stain up.
7. Repeat. Continue this method until stain as been removed.
8. Rinse the solution on carpet. Using the same method as diluting the stain, rinse the area. Spray warm, clear water onto the once stained area and blot up the moisture.
9. Dry carpet. Place a clean towel on top of the damp area and apply weights on top. Allow to sit for 12 hours. Once dried, vacuum the area to relax the carpet fibers in place.

Juice and other stains can be stubborn. Depend on the professional expertise of Direct Carpet Cleaners; the full service carpet cleaning company. We have the skills, equipment, and superior detergents to lift most stubborn stains in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North Las Vegas & Henderson Nevada. Call us today!

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