What is the Best Carpet Cleaning Method for Allergies & to Remove Pet Stains & Odors in Las Vegas NV? Steam AKA Hot Water Extraction!

When you are in the market for a carpet cleaning option, you may not realize that you actually have a choice. You first need to weed through companies to be sure that you have someone that offers carpet cleaning services and is established. You may think that you are just looking for a price in your budget but you should also be looking into what kind of carpet cleaning the company offers and what each entails. There are really two types of carpet cleaning methods and they each have their own pros and cons. The cleaning methods are steam cleaning and dry cleaning.

Direct Carpet Cleaners has a rundown of what you can expect with each type of steam carpet cleaning and dry.

Dry Carpet Cleaning: When you hire a professional that uses dry carpet cleaning they use very little water which in turn will make it so that you can walk on the cleaned carpet sooner. During this process the professional uses a layer of cleaner that is put on the carpet. The cleaner will work to eliminate the stains and dirt on your carpet. After the cleaner has sat on the carpet the cleaner will be removed with a high pressure suction of the vacuum. The vacuum will remove the cleaner and the dirt and grime with it. The surface of the carpet is left clean and dry and can be walked on fairly soon after the cleaning process is complete. The problem with that is the cleaner can leave a residue since it is not washed away. This residue can actually act as a magnet to attract dirt and grime. There are also people that think the cleaner leaves a smell that can be annoying and might take a few days to air out and get rid of.

Steam Carpet Cleaning: This option is much more traditional and allows the carpet a deep cleaning. The cleaner and the steam from the heated water is added to the carpet and left to sit for a few minutes. The steam activates the cleaner and allows it to start working on the fibers to get them cleaned. After the cleaner and steam has set, the professional carpet cleaner will run a high powered vacuum that will suck up the remaining moisture. When the moisture is lifted up it will take the dirt and cleaner with it. The only problem with this hot water extraction method is that the carpets are usually left a little damp which makes it so that you cannot walk on it for a while.

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