What Neutralizes Dog or Cat Urine? How Best to Remove Pet Stains & Odors from Carpet in North Las Vegas, NV

We all love our pets and they’re part of the family, but they can be messy. Cats and dogs have an acute sense of smell and are able to locate even the slightest trace of urine. It’s good to know that when they have an accident, there are things that can be done to remove the stain along with the odor. Doing this prevents them from returning to the same spot for repeat offenses.

How to Clean & Get Old, Set-In Dog Urine Stains Out of Carpet

Trying to remove urine from your carpet may seem like an impossible task because it can seep through the carpet and into the padding. The warm acidic nature of pet urine allows for the perfect conditions for bacteria to grow, and grow well. It can stain your carpet because of the acidity and ammonia present. Allowing it to dry makes removal harder as it becomes alkaline. The best way to remove urine from carpet is to buy an enzymatic based odor remover that is formulated for pets. These work by getting rid of the material substance that causes the urine to smell in the first place. You need to pour enough of the cleaner to saturate the spot down to the padding and cover it with paper towel or a piece of cardboard. Let it sit long enough for it to get down into the padding. Trying to dry it too quickly won’t give the cleaner time to do its job. The more time you give it to work, the better your result will be.

Spot Cleaning Pet Poop & Urine Stains from Carpet

Spot cleaning is effective in stain removal if you get to it right away. Start by removing any solids and then soaking the stain up first. Apply the cleaner and do not scrub it hard as this will only cause the stain to move deeper into the fibers of the carpet. The only way you will remove a pet stain form your carpet is to repeat these steps and if necessary with light scrubbing.

Using a Black Light to Detect Dog & Cat Urine Stains

You can use a black light to find areas where your pets have had accidents. Under the ultraviolet light of a black light it is easy to find dried urine crystals. The room or house will need to be completely dark for the best results. Standing 1 to 2 feet above the carpet, look for spots that are a pea-soup green color. As you locate spots, mark them with a piece of tape so you’ll know where they are. Larger areas can be boxed with tape. Repeat the black light search a few days after you’ve cleaned it as stains that were older or deeper may need additional cleaning.

Offensive Dog & Cat Pet Stain & Odor Removal and Carpet Cleaning in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North Las Vegas & Henderson Nevada

Even pets that are consistently going potty outdoors and have been doing so for years can and will have occasional accidents. You cannot assume that the odor is gone simply because you’ve cleaned the surface. Hot water extraction is by far the most effective way to eliminate pet odors form your carpet. Call the professionals at Direct Carpet Cleaners to remove stains, neutralize odors and sanitize your carpets today!

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