Carpet Cleaning Methods Comparison in Henderson, NV; Shampooing, Dry, Foam, Bonnet or Hot Water Extraction AKA Steam Carpet Cleaning

There are many methods used when it comes to cleaning carpets. Many homeowners believe there is just one method. They call a carpet cleaner and see us use a machine and think that’s all there is to it. However this isn’t the case. There are many ways carpets can be cleaned and each method does it differently with the same results — clean carpets. Direct Carpet Cleaners will talk about all the different methods in which carpets can be cleaned and how they work. This will help you better understand which method will be used the next time you need your carpets cleaned.

Carpet Shampooing

Shampooing carpets is best for surface cleaning and not so much for a deep clean. Shampooing your carpet is more of a maintenance cleaning verses a deep cleaning. Yes the cleaning detergents will make your carpets seem brighter and smell better for a short time. However it lacks the penetrating force to remove the dirt from deep inside the carpets fibers. Professionals often shy away from shampooing methods in most cases because they are their for the deep carpet cleaning. For the average homeowner, shampooing is good for an in-between or maintenance cleaning. If you have pets that make occasional messes your shampooer will help make short work of cleaning those messes.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning uses a special powder that attracts dirt and helps remove it from the carpet. Dry carpet cleaning is used best when the carpets don’t have any surface stains that need to be removed. Instead, they just need to remove the dirt, and pollen out of the carpet. It is also used in nursing homes where there is a fear of slip and fall accidents. All that dry carpet cleaning does is spread the powder on the floor. You wait a short time then vacuum it up. This removes all the dirt and grime out of the carpet. Many will choose to use the dry carpet cleaning method so they don’t have to wait for wet carpets to dry.

Foam Carpet Cleaner

Foam carpet cleaning is very similar to dry carpet cleaning but instead of using a cleaning powder, foam cleaning uses foam cleaners to help raise the dirt, grime and pollen out of your carpet. However this too is best for a maintenance cleaning verses a deep clean. Shampooing, dry cleaning and foam cleaning only cleans about a third of the depth of the carpet’s fibers and doesn’t do the trick for removing stains or deep carpet cleaning.

Bonnet Carpet Cleaning

Bonnet carpet cleaning is only done in industrial or commercial grade buildings and carpets. Most traditional home style carpet would actually be damaged with the bonnet cleaning method. Bonnet cleaning uses a chemical detergent with an absorbent pad on a rotary shampooing machine to remove the dirt and debris from the carpets.

Hot Water Extraction AKA Steam Carpet Cleaning

Hot water extraction is one of the more popular methods used by professional carpet cleaners. Why? Because it’s the best way to deep clean carpets. Hot water extraction or steam carpet cleaning uses a powerful machine to inject the cleaning solution deep into your carpets and then extracts them out. This removes 95% of all dirt, and stains with the water out of your carpets. Professionals all come equipped with a steam cleaner. However you can also rent one if you’re tempted to clean your carpets yourself.

Professional Carpet Cleaning in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North Las Vegas & Henderson Nevada

The right cleaning method is important to know for your task at hand. If you’re just doing a maintenance cleaning, shampooing, dry cleaning or foam cleaning is an adequate cleaning method to use. If you’re a manager of an office building with industrial style carpet, bonnet cleaning is what you need. For a good deep stain removal, you will need to have a hot water extraction or steam cleaning. The next time your carpets are in need of a deep cleaning, Direct Carpet Cleaners will be there for you. Call us today.

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