Is Carpet Protector Worth it? Best Carpet Cleaning & Protectant to Repel Future Stains

Direct Carpet Cleaners offers the Best Carpet Cleaning & Protectant to Repel Future Stains in & around Las Vegas

There are many ways that you can take care of your carpets. You may have had your carpets installed or it could have been there when you moved in. The carpet is in almost all the bedrooms, closets and living rooms. That means that most of the home is probably carpeted. You should know the best ways to clean your carpets and how to protect them. Carpets are made to last for many years … and they can as long as you are able to take care of them.


Carpet Cleaning & Care Tips in & around Las Vegas, NV

These can be simple tasks such as running the vacuum cleaner each day. Dirt and debris can get in the fibers and work like a piece of sandpaper against the fibers causing some serious damage. The home vacuum cleaner can remove the surface layer of dirt and keep the fibers much safer. You also want to be sure you are taking your time to handle and clean up any stains that have spilled on the carpet. The longer a spill sits on the carpet the more the spill will settle in and become a very hard to remove stain. You should also schedule with your local carpet cleaner to have your carpets steam cleaned professionally. This will get deep down in the fibers and remove the dirt and contaminants left behind by the vacuum. The last step is important if you are interested in protecting your carpets from spills, pets, kids and dirt.

Dupont, Scotchgard & Teflon Advanced Carpet Protector

The best way to make sure that lots of the dirt and debris never makes it deep down into your carpet fibers at all is to have a carpet protectant added. When you bought your carpet it would have come with some form of factory protectant that over a few years will start to wear off and need to be replaced. You can talk to your local carpet cleaning professional about having it done after your next professional carpet cleaning. The great part about adding a layer of protectant is that it will coat each fiber of carpet with a shield. This shield will be able to stop dirt from settling in on the carpet and will make it so that the vacuum can collect more than normal. It also protects from spills like juice, water, milk, coffee and tea. The shield will repel the liquid and make it so that it cannot soak into the actual fibers. You can take a rag to dab away at the spill so that it is pulled away from the fibers before it can get soaked into the padding. It is also a great protectant from dogs, cats and kids.




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